The Red Star Badge of Courage

The story of the relationship between notorious unapologetic American terrorist Bill Ayers and the JFK Pretender Barack Obama has been out there since February. As of yesterday no major news organization besides Fox has even attempted to question Ayers about the nature of the relationship, and then only once. They made another attempt yesterday.

There are two things I’d like you to pay attention to in this video. 1) The Red Star on his sweatshirt, and 2) The weakness he displays when he does finally speak.

I’ll address the weakness in his voice first.

It’s pretty obvious Ayers’ voice was about to crack when he finally did get up the courage to say something. The man is a coward, which explains why he chose to use explosives instead of confronting his perceived enemies face to face.

Why doesn’t Ayers want to talk about the extent of the relationship? This is a man who rarely ever passes up an opportunity to sit in front of a camera and espouse his views. Why doesn’t he want to talk about this?

Now about the Red Star.

Don’t think for a second it doesn’t mean anything. Besides being an admitted Anarchist, Ayers is an admitted Marxist Communist. The Red Star is their symbol. We have our symbols, the Red, White and Blue for instance, and they have theirs. The Red Star is one of them. Take a look at this site selling Obama stuff and you see Red Stars everywhere.

Look at this picture:


The image of the man on the left flag is Che Guevara, a Cuban Revolutionary, and this picture is from an Obama campaign office.

Do a little research into the Marxist organizations which are endorsing Obama. The Communist Party of the USA for instance. They don’t come right out and say he is one of their own. Of course they wouldn’t. In fact, they say in the first sentence that he isn’t a “left” candidate. That alone should be cause for asking questions. It would sink Obama if they didn’t say stuff like that and they know it. Disinformation is everything and these are insidious people, working relentlessly under the radar to undermine our country and fundamentally change it. Take a look at the last part of that editorial from the CPUSA.

*“One thing is clear. None of the people’s struggles — from peace to universal health care to an economy that puts Main Street before Wall Street — will advance if McCain wins in November. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize.”*

That was written in mid July, fully a month before the economic crisis hit in mid September and the “Main Street before Wall Street” theme went viral with all the talking heads, and became a major part of Obama’s message.

Committed Communists who want to get elected and in a position of power do not join the Communist Party. They join the Democratic Party. They don’t get elected otherwise.

Committed Socialists who want to get elected and in a position of power do not join the Socialist Party. They join the Democratic Party. Likewise, they don’t get elected.

This is not to indict the entire party, but it’s clear the Democratic Party is being used as cover by the most extreme elements in order to gain credibility. Think about how much further left from Truman and JFK the party is today. If they were still alive, they would be right of center Republicans.

We can say with some certainty that Obama has socialist leanings, at the very least. His own “Spread the Wealth” statements show that.

I’m not suggesting Obama is a Communist. We can’t say for certainty that he is, nor can we say for certainty that he isn’t.

And that’s the point.

The Communist Party is keeping its eye on the prize. You need to keep your eyes on their prize too.

Those on the extreme left say Obama will govern from the center, and hope he doesn’t. Those on the right say he will govern from the far left, and hope he doesn’t.

I would suggest that relying on Hope just isn’t good enough.

Cynical Optimist