Shepard Fairey: Another Tangled Tentacle

How many tentacles has this octopus of the Corrupted Obama Administration? Must be more than eight. From every angle one need not look far to observe Obama corruptive operatives in action. While the President may not be fully explictly involved, these actions from the likes of Fairey, indicate that there is a constant cover-up. The MSM is blatantly guilty, being complicit in divisive tactics to “overlook” the issues–certainly as it was during the election.

In effect, the liberal fringe dismisses opposition to Obama, or any allegations, thereof, as madness, racism, and the other various synonyms used by the far-left. Where is the transparency and accountability once promised by then candidate Obama? Why now do the Democrats in both houses of Congress vote down investigations into untoward members–in the name of passing an insidious “Health Care” bill?

Why do left-wing fringers oppose Rush Limbaugh’s bid to buy a share of a football team? We discover afterward, thanks to at-point journalism of Fox News, that the NFL board members doing the rumbling were on Obama’s transition team. One liberal sports announcer (an African American) slurred Fox News contributor Juan Williams (as we know, also is African American), by telling him to “get back to the porch (be a houseboy-a slavery term)”.I saw this on the O’Reilly Factor.Mr. Williams was responding with the facts regarding issues of which Williams’ attacker visciously disagreed (that is the way of the left-fringe when solid facts on their part are lacking: they insult or disparrage).

If we as Americans connect the dots: Acorn’s problems, the shady dealings of some Congressional members, the impropriaties of the pundents and linked supporters of Obama; shouldn’t we take all of this seriously? Shouldn’t we keep a full-court press on this entire Chicago Crime Family Administration.

Or do we dumb ourselves down to ignorance and sigh gently as Brian Williams assures us that everything is beautiful as gives XOXO’s to Obama each night at 6:00 local time?