Quit. Tell Boss To Pound Sand. Collect 52 Week Salary Present.

OK, for $200K after you’ve given your notice, maybe you don’t tell the Boss to shove it.

Seriously, 6eorge? You must be making this up. What type of entity would do something so foolish? Pay for “G’Day”?

According to Thursday’s (Detroit) Free Press, Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano said that the $200,000 going away present given to outgoing (Michigan) Wayne County economic development boss Turkia Awada Mullin is “standard for a top appointee.””

h/t The Detroit Free Press

Ah, yes, the public sector that Barack Obama wants to expand.

But, 6eorge, that’s only one individual. All walks of life have their FUBARs. Just one?

Nope, it’s wide spread.

Detroit— Embattled Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano on Thursday suspended a special severance plan that pays political appointees to quit, seeking to quell a swiftly moving scandal that’s prompted an FBI probe and new recall effort.

Ficano said he’s icing a plan introduced in December that would allow some 300 political appointees to receive up to 24 weeks’ pay if they leave around election time. The reversal came the same day The Detroit News reported about the package and one day after Ficano’s staffers defended the severances.

“As of today, the executive pay package that was reported is suspended,” Ficano told reporters at an event in West Bloomfield Township.

Ficano also said he’s sent a letter to the county’s retirement board seeking an end to a 5-to-1 match for a defined contributions savings plan, which has existed for years for some employees.

The move came the same day paperwork was filed to recall Ficano and commissioners threatened to subpoena him and his top aides to answer questions about a $200,000 severance to his former economic development czar.

The flurry came one day after the FBI served subpoenas at county offices seeking information about the severance payment to former economic development director Turkia Mullin and about donors to an economic development nonprofit that she led.

h/t The Detroit News

Oh, and did I mention? Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano is a highly influential Democrat.

You can tell just how rotten a political/civic class is by their ability to obfuscate and equivocate on behalf of things that are so obviously wrong.

That explains why some people are trying so hard to spin on behalf of Team Ficano in the wake of the Turkia Mullin severance scandal.

At the top of that list are legislative Democrats trying to dissuade Rep. John Olumba’s quest for an Attorney General’s inquiry into the matter.

Oct. 18, Detroit News: “It’s come straight out of their mouths,” said Olumba, who wouldn’t name members who expressed those fears. “(Ficano) is a prime donor. I have asked every Democrat. One person told me ‘I don’t want to touch that with a 10-foot pole.'”

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Isn’t it about time for bureaucrats to EARN THEIR FAIR SHARE?