Were Iraqis Better Off Under Saddam?

Does the Left really care about the oppressed? Or are they merely useful pawns in the Left’s quest for power.

Of course there is no shortage of the Left’s self-serving criticism of the Iraqi War. In one of the first Lefty articles to come up in a Bing search of Bush Lied, People Died. the author strives to stoke the anger so common in the Left by mockingly bemoaning the lack of inflamatory language in a Pentagon report

Can’t get too steamed up in a public document about 4300 dead coalition soldiers and hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis.

As if Iraqis had enjoyed the safety of the benevolent Saddam Hussein prior to the war. I ask the left,

       Would Iraqis be better off with Saddam still in power?

As quoted in The Million Fool March to Prop Up Dictator Saddam Hussein, a exiled Iraqi Rania Kashi penned an open letter to the anti-war Left

“Saddam rules Iraq using fear; he regularly imprisons, executes, and tortures large numbers of people for no reason whatsoever,” she wrote. “Believe me, you will be hard-pressed to find a single family in Iraq which has not had a son/father/brother killed, imprisoned, tortured, and/or ‘disappeared’ due to Saddam’s regime. What then has been stopping you from taking to the streets to protest against such blatant crimes against humanity in the past? . . . I have attended the permanent rally against Saddam that has been held every Saturday in Trafalgar Square for the past five years. The Iraqi people have been protesting for years against the war — the war that Saddam has waged against them. Where have you been?”

Article author Jeff Jacoby continues by asking

If the suffering of Iraq’s people meant anything to the protesters, such cries from the heart might have prompted twinges of shame, or at least some second thoughts. But there is little evidence that the antiwar campaign cares at all about those whom Saddam has hurt.


where the antiwar movement was during Saddam’s war against Iran in the 1980s, which caused the death of 1 million Iraqis and Iranians. Or during his attack on the people of Halabja, when thousands of Iraqi Kurds were gassed to death. Or during the 1990s, when Saddam flouted one United Nations directive after another.

Finally, to the Lefties that still resent the Iraqi war, I ask, where should the ambitious young Middle Easterner go? To an environment like that under Saddam? Or an environment like the one evolving in the newly freed Iraq? If given the choice, where would you go?