Original Battlestar Galatica's Dirk Benedict Takes On Hollywood

I thoroughly enjoyed Mark Hemmingway’s third person account in the National Review, which provided a forum for Dirk to add some contextual comments such as

Not being able to shy away from such politically incorrect opinions also might have had something to do with his decision to abandon Hollywood for Montana. And Benedict protests that he never had the pathological hunger for fame that characterizes Hollywood’s biggest stars.


So who does want to be a star, and why? “Hollywood attracts people who want to be famous,” Benedict says. “It attracts people who are insecure in who they are, and their identification comes from pretending to be other people. But it’s really a profession for 14-year-olds in terms of the intellectual demands on an actor — which is why children are so good at it. It’s difficult for adults to grow up and still be a 14-year-old.”

and the concluding paragraph

Given the uniformity of political and cultural opinions in Hollywood, it sounds like Dirk Benedict has reached a place in his life where Hollywood needs him more than he needs Hollywood. But he has other priorities.
“The only thing I wanted to do was raise my boys. And I’ve done it. They are a joy to behold, and they are my contribution to the world and I can die happy tomorrow because of what I’ve done,” he says. “They understand this culture that they live in. They’re equipped. I’d rather have that than 25 Oscars.”

Dirk’s original blog post lamenting the moral squalor of the Battlestar Galatica remake can be found here (note: language advisory)