A Coronavirus Poem (By a Friend Who Is Still Recovering)

(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Note from Myra Adams:

My dear friend Margi Helschien is a healthy adult mother of two very accomplished grown boys. Margi works out everyday, but contracted a severe case of Coronavirus. She told me that it felt like her body was “dying inside.” While recovering (still) she wrote a poem that (with her permission) I am sharing with RedState readers and the rest of the world. 

And No One Knows 

The days flow as Coronavirus grows…and no one knows where the time goes.

The world shows its woes as it tows the Coronavirus and its foes. …And yet no one knows. 

With masks and gloves all wrapped in bows…and still no one knows.

Zoom shows, same old clothes, and rows of fear. We wash our hands like pros. 

The wind blows as it shows all we do not know.

 And those who get exposed will impose a life that no one knows. 

The lows go all the way to our toes. 

And as this story goes…no one knows.


Margi Helschien is President of AmericaConnected, a non-profit that connects people through Cultural Diplomacy.