Trump: 'I’d much rather run popular vote, much easier than Electoral College'

In case you missed it, once again President Trump backed the popular vote during a morning interview on “Fox & Friends.”
Trump has consistently said he prefers direct voting, a stance consistent with a growing number of conservatives backing the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.” In his interview Trump said:  “For me to win the popular vote would be much easier. Electoral College is much harder to win — much harder. You have go go to so many places. ”

The president’s words resonate with me because in August I wrote: “Myths Aside, the GOP Can Win a Presidential Popular Vote” on Real Clear Politics.

However, RNC chairman Michael Steele and former Michigan GOP chairman Saul Anuzis wrote in a Detroit News oped, “Trump Right to Support Popular Vote,”  that Trump is wrong when says campaigning under the popular vote would mean competing in less states. Anuzis said, “Of the 137 million votes in 2016 only 37 million came from California, Florida, New York and Texas — the four biggest states. That means 100 million voters live in either the 46 other states or the District of Columbia.”

Continuing, “We happen to think what Trump meant was that a popular vote would allow him to campaign in California and New York,” and “This would be a game-changer since millions of Republican voters in both of those states have no reason to vote in presidential elections under the current method of awarding electors.”

If you are unclear about the initiative for a presidential national popular vote that does not require a Constitutional amendment, learn more at the National Popular Vote.