Great Web Rating News From Fox News.Com and Bill Clinton SCANDALOUS show continues with Episode Five This Sunday

The website of FoxNews.com has much to celebrate according to the press release:


 FOXNews.com Remains the Number One Brand in Engagement with Time Spent on the Website

 NEW YORK – FEBRUARY 15, 2018 — FOXNews.com outpaced CNN.com in the number of page views for the first time ever with 1.43 billion multi-platform total views in January, outperforming CNN.com by 21 million views, according to comScore in addition to beating NewYorkTimes.com and the WashingtonPost.com. FOXNews.com experienced a 20% increase from the prior month while CNN.com only increased 15% to 1.4 billion views over the same time period. With 90 million unique users in January, Foxnews.com also surpassed the New York Times as the third biggest online news destination, after CNN and The Washington Post.

In commenting on the network’s accomplishment, FOX News Channel’s president of news Jay Wallace said, “FOXNews.com has reached new heights with its digital presence by setting records in time spent on our digital platform to engage our viewers online. We have always had the most loyal audience and are now pleased to say we have the most engaged online viewership as well. Congratulations to our dedicated team for overtaking CNN.com, despite their massive head start in digital, just as FNC surpassed CNN’s on TV more than 16 years ago.”

Then over at FOX NEWS Channel the “SCANDALOUS” series about Bill Clinton continues on Sunday with episode five entitled, ” The Whole…and Nothing But.”

RedStaters: Set your DVR’s or tune in to re-live (or learn about for the first time) those glorious Clinton days when a stained (ah-hem) blue dress from the GAP made national headlines.  Long ago, I remember hearing that Linda Tripp told Monica Lewinsky NOT to bring her stained dress to the dry cleaner because the dress was her “insurance policy.”  Kudo’s to FOX News for rekindling fond memories of great moments in presidential history. Here is the press release with more detail to tease viewers about what a REAL presidential scandal looks like.

This weekend on the fifth installment of FOX News Channel’s (FNC) Scandalous (Sundays at 8PM/ET), the show will spotlight then-President Bill Clinton as he testifies before the grand jury regarding an “improper physical relationship” with then-White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. Taking place in 1998, Scandalous will focus on the reaction from the American people, along with the effect the testimony had on those closest to him. A piece of evidence, “the blue dress” is brought to light and after months of investigation from then-Whitewater Independent Counsel Ken Starr, the “Starr Report” is delivered to Congress. The episode will feature Ken Starr, former United States civil servant Linda Tripp, former Deputy Independent Counsel Robert Bittman and more.