Media is Ignoring 'Mom’s March for America' Saturday, Sept. 23, in Omaha, NE



The march is centered in the Heartland of America, in Omaha, Nebraska, and broadcast live so you can join the march wherever you are! Sarah Palin, Candy Carson (wife of Dr. Ben Carson) and Missy Robertson (Duck Dynasty) are just a few of the awesome moms speaking at the march. The following message is from Dawn Wildman from the Coalition for Policy Reform.


Imagine Someone Threw a Party that no one came to…

This is exactly what the media is hoping for on Saturday, September 23, 2017, when moms from across the country gather to celebrate motherhood, with encouragement and inspiration as they talk about liberty, freedom, and decency.

We sent out press releases to media contacts all over the country to pass the message of Moms gathering in Omaha and across the nation to as many people as possible and you know what happened? We were ignored. Not by one media outlet or two, but by all media outlets. We know that our releases were opened by 9000 people at media outlets. Not one has contacted us to ask about why moms are gathering.

We know why they aren’t contacting us, they don’t believe moms have any power in this nation and that you are all happy with our progressive culture so why ask us about it right? They believe those that call us fascists and those feminists that think we are setting their movement back generations have it right so why talk to us, right?

Well, they are in for one big surprise because not only do we have power, we have the grace of experience, kindness, caring and compassion on our side and we will be sharing this with every woman who attends in Omaha or watches the live streaming on Saturday.

Not only has the media ignored us but so has the conservative community. Not one organization that espouses to family values or the freedom and liberty has helped to sponsor our event, except for those special few who were happy to join alongside us from the beginning, you can find them listed here. We thank those organizations that have the power of their convictions to help moms join together in any capacity that works for them and enjoy a day of inspiration and encouragement!

Now we are asking you to help raise the last bit of money to ensure our event ends debt free and agenda-free. You see, we could have accepted money from bigwigs but they wanted to change who we are, and who YOU are and we said “NO”. Our event is being funded by women across the country, moms volunteering with the hard-earned capital and time. All our staff are volunteers as are our speakers. So please help us make this the best grassroots, mommy funded event in America, as I too go and donate please join me in doing so here!

Dawn Wildman
[email protected]
Executive Committee
Moms March USA
Director of Public Policy
Coalition for Policy Reform

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