Myra Adams: Mostly White Women Marchers Should Blame White Women Voters for President Trump

There is little doubt that history will inextricably link Donald Trump’s 2016 Friday inauguration with Saturday’s women’s march on Washington and sister marches around the nation and the world.

According to the New York Times, the Washington march attracted estimates of 470,000, almost three times the size of the official inaugural crowd. But both crowds were equal in their pro and anti-Trump passion.

Sunday, in response to the women’s march Trump tweeted:

“Watched protests yesterday but was under the impression that we just had an election! Why didn’t these people vote? Celebs hurt cause badly.”

Trump’s voting question was valid given that “these people,” according to the Washington Post, and obvious in every crowd photo, were mostly “female and white.” And, as witnessed by the signs they carried, Washington Examiner’s Byron York aptly called the march, “Scenes From a Pussy Riot.”



Yes, “we just had an election.” However, if Hillary Clinton had won the white female vote in key battleground states, the marchers would have celebrated at her inauguration rather than protesting the next day.

Using CNN exit poll data updated on November 23, 2016, let’s examine the white female vote in the five largest electoral states lost by Clinton. Those states are Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and North Carolina. Considering that Clinton’s electoral vote total was 232 to Trump’s 306 if Clinton had won Florida and one of the four other states, she would have become president.

Warning: the following facts are painful and inconvenient to Saturday’s marchers.

Florida  (29 electoral votes)

Females comprised 53 percent of the total vote with males comprising 47 percent. Of that 53 percent female vote, Hillary won 50 percent, and Trump won 46 percent.

But white women comprised the largest voting block at 33 percent of the total vote, and Clinton won only 36 percent compared to 60 percent for Trump. Therefore it is safe to say that some of the marchers’ vulgar signs should have been directed at white Florida women.

In Florida, white men were the second largest voting block at 29 percent. Trump won them by 67 percent compared to 28 percent for Clinton. Nationally, that story was well reported with Trump winning white men by 62 percent to Clinton’s 31.

Pennsylvania  (20 electoral votes)

Again, females accounted for 53 percent of the total vote and males only 47 percent. Of that 53 percent, Clinton won 55 percent trouncing Trump at 42 percent.

With even greater numbers than Florida, white women in Pennsylvania comprised the largest voting block at 43 percent. Here, Clinton came close, winning 47 percent of white women compared to Trump’s 50 percent.

White men comprised the second largest voting block at 38 percent, but Trump handily defeated Clinton winning 64 percent to her 32 percent.

Trump won Pennsylvania by 48.8 percent compared to Clinton’s 47.6. The raw vote was 2.9 million for Trump and 2.8 million for Clinton. Therefore, if white women had turned out for Clinton by an increase of one or two percentage points, Clinton could have closed the gap and won the state’s coveted 20 electoral votes.

Ohio (18 electoral votes)

Females comprised 53 percent of the total vote compared to males at 47 percent. Of that 53 percent, Clinton won women by 49 percent to 46 percent for Trump.

White females were the largest voting block at 42 percent. Clinton won only 39 percent compared to Trump’s 56 percent.

Michigan (18 electoral votes)

Females comprised 52 percent of the total vote with males at 48 percent. Of that 52 percent female vote, Clinton won 53 percent compared to 42 percent for Trump.

White women represented the largest group with 40 percent of the vote. Of that 40 percent, Clinton won 43 percent compared to 51 percent for Trump.

North Carolina (15 electoral votes)

Female turnout at 54 percent of the total vote was the highest of the five battleground states lost by Clinton. Men accounted for 46 percent of the total vote. Of that 54 percent women’s vote, Clinton won 52 percent to Trump’s 45 percent.

White women were the largest voter group at 37 percent, and Clinton won exactly that same 37 percent. However, Trump had a “yuge” margin of victory with white women winning 60 percent.

So where were the protest signs slamming white women from North Carolina?

Now you know the truth behind Trump’s tweet that “we just had an election,” a fact largely ignored on Saturday and lost in that sea of mostly white women’s faces.

“The Pussy Riot”


Therefore, angry white women with a great majority carrying signs about their genitalia were foiled by their sisters in five battleground states who voted for Trump’s brand of change rather than awarding Clinton with the status quo of Obama’s “third term.”

But the question remains, “Can these marchers handle the truth?


Myra Adams is a media producer and writer who served on the McCain Ad Council during the 2008 McCain campaign and on the 2004 Bush campaign creative team. Her writing credits include National Review, WND, Washington Examiner, Breitbart, PJ Media, The Daily Beast, The Daily Caller and BizPacReview. E-mail her at [email protected] Follow her on Twitter @MyraKAdams.