Myra Adams interviews Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton: 'Potential for criminal prosecution of Mrs. Clinton remains significant'

Re-posted from WND.com  June 2, 2016

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch
Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch

Tom Fitton is the president of Judicial Watch, the public-interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption. Founded in 1994, Judicial Watch seeks to ensure that government and judicial officials act ethically and do not abuse the powers entrusted to them by the American public. With 20 years of experience in conservative public policy, Fitton has helped lead Judicial Watch since 1998 and has overseen its tremendous growth and success in recent years. He provides Judicial Watch with strategic guidance and leadership on Judicial Watch’s comprehensive efforts to fight government corruption.

The following was a telephone interview recorded on June 1, 2016.

WND: For WND readers who closely follow the daily news cycle, Judicial Watch has become a household name associated with unveiling and fighting widespread corruption in the Obama administration, the Clinton Foundation and with Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. How is it that a “non-partisan educational foundation” like Judicial Watch manages to make headlines day after day?

Tom Fitton: Washington is the land of the blind, and in some ways we are the one-eyed king because we are asking questions the rest of the media aren’t asking, and neither is Congress. By using the laws effectively we are able to get answers to questions most Americans want answered but the establishment would prefer to overlook.

WND: On May 27, the following headline ran in The Hill: “Feds fight to prevent Clinton deposition in email case.” The piece reported, “The Obama administration is trying to prevent former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from being deposed in an ongoing open records case connected to her use of a private email server.”

Ultimately, do you think the Obama administration is concerned that a Clinton deposition could reveal potentially damaging information about President Obama?

Fitton: Oh, I don’t know. I think generally speaking the administration has played defense counsel for Mrs. Clinton on this, so it’s no surprise that the Obama Justice Department would not be too thrilled about Mrs. Clinton testifying under oath.

WND: Does the administration have anything to fear?

Fitton: The administration generally has stonewalled our request for information and does not think discovery was ever appropriate, so it’s no surprise that they opposed our FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests, which were quite sensible, to have Mrs. Clinton come in and talk about the Clinton email system.

Tom Fitton and Myra Adams, conservative writer
Tom Fitton and Myra Adams, conservative writer

WND: In a recent speech you said that Judicial Watch’s Benghazi investigation was one of “the most consequential investigations in modern American history.” Can you explain why you feel that way?

Fitton: I think it is beyond dispute that our Benghazi investigation was one of the most consequential non-governmental investigations in modern American history. It led to the creation of a House Select Committee on Benghazi, which helped lead to the disclosure of the Clinton email system. Many of the key things we know about the Benghazi scandal – which still reverberates with the American public and is still impacting our foreign policy, and is even connected to the war on ISIS – is a result of Judicial Watch’s work.

WND: The motto of Judicial Watch is “Because no one is above the law.” During that same recent speech you said you “believe that Hillary will be prosecuted.” However, given the politicization of Obama’s Justice Department and with Mrs. Clinton on track to become the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, are you concerned that your prediction and motto could be undermined by election-year politics?

Fitton: I am always concerned that the Justice Department is politicized and won’t do the things required of the law or things the law suggests should be done. I do think the information out there would warrant the prosecution of virtually anyone else involved in a similar set circumstances, so I don’t see how Mrs. Clinton should evade the consequences of her actions. On the other hand, I am not naïve, so it would not surprise me if Justice Department took a pass on this – but I think the potential for criminal prosecution of Mrs. Clinton remains significant.

WND: From your vantage point, do you believe that the Clinton corruption is worse than Watergate, and if so, why?

Fitton: I don’t know if it’s worse than Watergate. I think each scandal is important for its own reasons, but Mrs. Clinton’s scandal encompasses many aspects that folks would recognize from the Watergate era. Political scandals generally are not new in the sense they are about cover-ups and things politicians don’t want us to see. If they were seen, the American people would be unhappy and maybe law enforcement would be as well.

WND: Has Judicial Watch been contacted by the FBI about the Clinton investigations?

Fitton: We have had no communication with the FBI about the Clintons, and the Justice Department is fighting us in court tooth and nail.

WND: Tom, on behalf of WND, thank you for participating in our “VIP Q&A” series.

Readers are encouraged to learn more about how Tom Fitton is leading Judicial Watch in its fight against government corruption. Check out Judicial Watch’s website for all the latest news on numerous high-profile investigations. Fitton’s book “The Corruption Chronicles” was a New York Times best-seller, and his new book, “Clean House: Exposing Our Government’s Secrets and Lies,” will be published Aug. 30, 2016.

Myra Adams is a media producer, writer and political observer who served on the McCain Ad Council during the 2008 McCain campaign and on the 2004 Bush campaign creative team. Her writing credits include National Review, WND, Washington Examiner, PJ Media, The Daily Beast, The Daily Caller,  BizPacReview and Liberty Unyielding.  E-mail her at [email protected]. Follow her on Twitter @MyraKAdams.