MUST READ insider info on Hillary's E-mail Investigation

Today my National Review piece, “The Clinton E-mail Case Transcends Hillary’s Presidential Campaign” has prompted a comment from someone named ZigZ who I would guess is a member (or former member) of the intelligence community. His comment sheds new light on the Clinton FBI/Justice Dept. investigation and is so significant that I am posting it here on RedState.  Thank you ZigZ for your comment!

Most people think Hillary’s email is a criminal investigation. IT IS NOT. It is an Espionage investigation. Publicly released information highlights 4 TS-HCS (HUMINT) and 1 TS-SCI TK SI (SIGINT) documents that were stored on Hillary’s nonsecure server that she shared with 3 nonsecure companies. HCS and TK SI are the most classified of classified. When FBI submits letter of recommend to indict, it will go to National Security Section (NSS) of DOJ completely bypassing AG Lynch. Lynch lacks the clearance necessary to possess the documents and doing so would open herself up to prosecution. NSS will not review the evidence. NSS will convene a grand jury of jurors with sufficient clearance to review the evidence. NSS will hold jurors clearance until dismissed as per law, to maintain NTK to courtroom only. Almost everyone on the jury will be from Intelligence Community because IC deals with HUMINT and SIGINT. IC wants Hillary’s head on stick because she played loose with human assets.
Back to the aforementioned 5 documents. She faces 4 counts each on 5 violations of 18 USC 93, 793, 798 and 1924 at the least. If found guilty, that represents a 100 year minimum jail sentence.
If by some strange and unexplainable reason Hillary escapes prosecution, she still faces a high probability of Impeachment which would eliminate her chance of holding future office. If you are voting for Hillary, you are actually voting for Vice President.

So RedStaters, what do you think of that?