Donald Trump Tells FOX News Channel's Watters' World: Hillary Clinton is 'The Worst Possible Representative a Woman Can Have'

That is the headline from a FOX News Channel press release that I just received.

Below is the body of the press release highlighting soundbites from an interview with Donald Trump hosted by Jesse Watters that airs Saturday, April 23rd at 8pm/ET.  Get the popcorn ready!

In an interview to be presented on FOX News Channel’s (FNC) Watters’ World on Saturday, April 23rd at 8PM/ET, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke with host Jesse Watters about President Barack Obama, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, why he “brands” his opponents, being more presidential and what he will do to target the African American vote.

On how he would take on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the general election:

“The only thing she’s got going is the women card. Without the women card, she’s got nothing going and she’s gonna play it to the hilt and I’m gonna be talking about things and one of the things I talk about is, we call her crooked Hillary because she’s a crooked person – she’s always been a crooked person.”

On whether Democratic presidential Hillary Clinton will be elected and if it would seem like a third Obama term:

“I don’t think people do like the president. I mean there’s certainly a certain group that does but overall people don’t like the president because they don’t like the job he’s done.”

“I think it’s absolutely a third Obama term and that’s the worst thing she’s got. She’s got the woman card which is her best thing except women don’t like her. She’s the worst possible representative a woman can have. But, she’s also got the Obama card and that’s a disaster for her cause four more years of Obama – this country’s gonna be destroyed.”

On branding her “Crooked Hillary”:

“The name came to me; you know the name comes to me about different people… I like branding people if they’re correct. I mean some you can brand, I’ve done a good job on branding some of my opponents and what we just did, but I will tell you, the word crooked Hillary is one hundred percent correct.”

“She is a person who’s got many, many flaws. She’s a woman, but yet women don’t like her which is really sort of interesting. I mean she is a woman, but she’s not liked by women. So, I think we’re gonna do very well with Hillary and I think the polls are starting to show it already.”

On how he will become more presidential and balance that with his brass showbiz personality that many people like:

“I can tell you that, if I go too presidential, people are gonna be very bored. It’s much easier actually than you know what I have to do.”

“I think if I’m too presidential, the 35,000 will turn to about 35 people, okay, and they’ll fall asleep.”

“I was getting hit from every single side by very capable people and I said, you know I gotta fight back and sometimes when you fight back it doesn’t look presidential but it gets the job done.”

On whether he will go to African American communities in order to target the black vote since he will need that to beat Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton:

“Yeah – I think I’m gonna do great with blacks and some of the polls show that I’m gonna get twenty five percent, which for a Republican is unheard of.”

“I have amazing relationships with African Americans and a lot will be supporting me and they know I’m gonna bring back jobs, they’re very smart – I’m gonna bring back jobs and they need jobs.”

“Obama has done nothing; in fact he’s been negative for African Americans… totally negative. And you look at this unemployment the numbers, a person who’s thirty years old who’s African American, the numbers are much, much higher than his counterparts in society. So, I’m gonna do a lot for the African Americans and they’re gonna do a lot for me. I have friends at the highest level who are black and they call me and they say, ‘you are gonna get so many black votes – it’s gonna be unbelievable. Everybody wants to vote for you, you watch it’s gonna be the biggest surprise in the election.’”