Bill Clinton is Running for Hillary's First Term

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Hillary Clinton  “feels the Bern”  as she slogs through a campaign field laden with self-buried land mines on her way to an ephemeral coronation. And soon she could also be “feeling the Biden” (or even the more painful Biden-Warren.)

So, naturally, the reflexive response of her campaign is “field the Bill.”

This earlier than expected  deployment of the “Big Dog” (as former President Bill Clinton is affectionately called in Democratic circles) is an obvious and desperate attempt to keep her rivals at bay. However, that simplistic explanation masks the real reason why Bill is sending out fundraising letters, defending his wife in the media and hosting numerous high-dollar campaign events.

So let’s stop pretending and make it official right now:

Bill Clinton is running for Hillary’s first term.

This statement is based on a perfect need-need: She needs him to win, and he needs her to run since he is constitutionally barred from occupying the Oval Office. It also illustrates the hypocrisy of a woman who is running to be the first female president of the United States but is forced to rely on the man who, for decades, has caused her heartbreak, grief and embarrassment.

Furthermore it explains why her campaign would fully engage her husband even though he comes wrapped in a warning label that reads: “Use sparingly. Contents unstable and known to explode when exposed to heat and pressure.”

Seven years ago Hillary felt the sting of that warning label (Google “2008 South Carolina Democratic primary”), but now the rewards of Bill’s campaign deployment outweigh the risks of her possibly losing the nomination to a raving socialist or a bumbling vice president.

Of course, Hillary or her campaign staff would never publicly admit this, but Bill Clinton is running for Hillary’s first term because it has become apparent that without him, there may be no term at all.

Now only  38 percent  of voters hold a favorable opinion of Mrs. Clinton, and that has declined considerably from the beginning of 2015, but Bill’s favorable rating has for years remained a steady 64 percent.

It is well-known that Bill Clinton is gifted with an innate ability to connect with people. Meanwhile, Hillary famously disconnects. Bill’s persona feels your pain, hers inflicts pain. Bill is his own renewable energy source that lights up a room. Hillary’s persona resembles a rusty ’71 Ford Pinto with a faulty rear-end design. And like a 1970’s Pinto salesman who tried to explain away a troubled product, The Hill reports that a major challenge facing Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign is “the difficulty she has had in explaining why she’s running for president.”

The piece describes this bizarre scene:

“At Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, staffers are invited to complete a phrase that is written on a wall: ‘Hillary for …’ Beside it, staffers have plastered dozens of sticky notes with various words and phrases.”

At this writing there is yet to be an official slogan.  Then the piece goes on to reveal this nugget:

“Nothing about the campaign reads as fresh and new, but rather as cautious, risk-averse and private,” one Democratic strategist, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said of the Clinton campaign. Independent observers, too, suggest that the former secretary of state has been slow to offer a summation of her reasons for seeking the presidency, beyond personal ambition.”

The question remains as to whether Team Hillary will ever be capable of transferring the self-serving concept of “personal ambition” into a credible bumper sticker slogan. So why not tell voters the real truth about why she is running for president? “Vote for Hillary and Elect Bill.” That is what I would write on a sticky note in Hillary’s campaign headquarters in the unlikely event they would ever let me through the door.

But it was not supposed to be this way.

Back in June when Hillary  officially launched  her presidential campaign with a large rally at New York’s Roosevelt Island, husband Bill stood in the background quietly applauding. That was Hillary’s subtle way of saying, “I’ve got this.”

Remember how “girl power” was supposed to propel her historic candidacy? However, even girls understand the difference between personal and business e-mail. Even girls understand the serious nature of an FBI investigation, and they see through months of e-mail related lies and excuses.

Even worse, women are offended by a woman who is running to be the first female president portraying herself as a strong feminist and a “fighter for children and families,” but turns to her husband to prop up her failing campaign. What are women supposed to think when they see Bill Clinton taking on the role of Hillary’s media protector and defender?

They think that she is not capable of winning and governing on her own.

Bill’s increased role does not surprise members of the Democratic elite. In May, a highly regarded, long-time Washington power broker told me very matter-of-factly that if Hillary wins there would a “co-presidency.”  He said that the Democratic power structure wants and expects them back as a team.  “Two for the price of one,” Hillary famously said at the beginning of their 1992 presidential journey.

Since that was the way it was during Bill Clinton’s two presidential terms, why would Hillary’s first term be any different?

It is only a matter of time when during the primary season or later in the general election that one day while out on the campaign trail Bill blurts out Hillary’s real campaign slogan: “A vote for Hillary is a vote for me.”

And when he does, loyal Democrats in the audience will go wild, and the truth will set Hillary free.

But Americans must be warned about voting for this clear violation of the 22nd Amendment.


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