Myra Adams: Hey, ‘Meet The Press’, I am NOT a Trump Supporter

Author Update:  The “Meet The Press” video clip I originally embedded was taken down by NBC. Hopefully the one embedded now will stick. If not, here is the show in full.   NBC “Meet The Press” August 9, 2015  The segment concerning my quote airs at the 6:06 – 7:00 minute mark starting from the beginning of the show.


On Saturday at the RedState Gathering, I spoke to David Weigel of the Washington Post about the Trump blowup with Megyn Kelly and Erick’s decision to dis-invite Trump as the speaker for our Saturday night event.

Later on Saturday, I was surprised to read that a quote of mine made it into a long  Washington Post piece headlined, “GOP leaders say erratic attacks hurt Trump, but he vows to fight and win.”  Here was my quote:

“Talking about blood and a woman — it was just inappropriate,” said Myra Adams, 60. “Megyn Kelly is just so well-liked by the public. . . . He should have made nice-nice with her. I thought that [debate] question was a little off-base, but he took a mosquito bite and turned it into a skin cancer.”

Then, on Saturday night, I saw that the Drudge Report picked up the Post piece with a large headline and honestly I thought that was the end of that.

Until….Sunday, on NBC’s Meet the Press.  (My very liberal sister in Wisconsin happened to be watching and tipped me off.)

During a phone interview with Donald Trump, the show’s moderator, Chuck Todd, mentioned my name as a Trump supporter (incorrectly pronouncing it Mir-rah.)  Then Todd displayed my name (correctly spelled) on the screen while reading my entire Washington Post quote — after which he asked Trump to comment.

For the record, I am not a Donald Trump supporter and obviously my quote in the Washington Post did not say that I am. However, Chuck Todd assumed it and reported that “fact” to the world. Oh, how I miss Tim Russert!  (But thanks Chuck for reading my quote!)

Here is the Meet the Press clip. The segment in question appears at 0:53 – 1:24

On Sunday evening I sent Todd a tweet and asked for a correction.  Good luck with that!

Needless to say, for all those who attended the Gathering it was a memorable weekend. Thanks to Erick and the entire staff for all your hard work.

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