Photo Caption Contest: Tear-anny at the White House Press Conference?

Image by JIM BOURG / Reuters

On Monday May 6th the following question was posted on The Blaze, linked to Buzzfeed’s report from Reuters:

Did Obama Cry While Answering Benghazi Questions During Press Conference?

Buzzfeed reported Reuters’ description of the same photo taken by its photographer, Jim Bourg, referencing the moisture on the president’s cheek as a “tear” that came while he answered press questions about Benghazi.

“A tear runs down the face of President Barack Obama as he answers questions about the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi during a joint news conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington,” Reuters’ description read.

So now you know why the above photo is deemed “worthy” of a RedState Caption Contest.

I am not going to fault President Obama for showing emotion about the Benghazi incident which resulted in the loss of four Americans. But I do have doubts that it was the real reason for the tear Obama shed eight months after the attack while hosting a joint White House press conference with the British Prime Minister.

Since Benghazi “happened a long time ago” (as White House Press Secretary Jay Carney recently stated) than what else could spark such emotion in our normally “kool” president?

The answer is simple, “It’s the legacy stupid!”  

President Obama’s teardrop fell the moment he realized he had lost control over the shaping of his legacy. This explanation is possible because it is well known that Obama’s legacy is very important to him.

In fact, he planned on spending his entire second-term passing and implementing such legacy issues as health care, gun control, and immigration reform.

Then on Monday evening after the tearful press conference, Obama flew off to a star-studded New York City fundraiser hosted by Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein.  There, Obama made a statement no president has ever felt the need to make. While reflecting on his second term, he said, “I sure want to do some governing.”

But when is there time for “governing” when his schedule is crowded with fundraising, campaigning, travel, parties, golf and vacations?

And with all the scandals currently engulfing him, even less time will be left for “governing.”  (Many readers are cheering this.)

Even more damaging is Obama can not escape the dreaded “N” word he is being associated with on a daily basis, even from his former cheerleaders in the media!

Nixon’s legacy was certainly not the one Obama planned on emulating since his Messianic presidency began with all those lofty comparisons to Lincoln, FDR, and even the real Messiah.

But enough of my theories.  Now it’s time for RedState readers to weigh in by either writing a caption or explaining the teardrop from the “kool guy.”

Please remember our rules, “be nice and stay classy because the media is watching.” (And obeying these rules might keep you from getting audited.)

Here again are the winners from our last contest (and only a few of them have been audited so far.)

Good luck and please note that using the “N” word (Nixon) in your caption means your entry will automatically be singled out for special attention by the IRS and yours truly!

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