Two Current World Leaders as Young Men -- Photo Caption Contest


(I can not figure out how to post a photo on this site.)

These two world leaders, shown here as young men in their late teens, would be key figures during an attack on Iraq’s nuclear facilities.

The fate of the planet would rest in their hands.

A friend sent me this combo image without a caption, so I took it as a positive sign that it was time for another highly competitive Photo Caption Contest.

Your entry must first correctly identify the serious young man and the not so serious young man pictured, along with a creative caption that will both amuse and impress our panel of VIP judges.

This photo caption contest is our most challenging to date but I am confident Red State readers will rise to the occasion.

In honor of the brave young men pictured, the caption winner, in addition to being honored in a future post, will also get to choose between combat gear and a marijuana cigarette as their accessory of choice.

The stakes are high, the competition will be fierce and the prizes are priceless!

Now, put on your thinking cap and thanks in advance for your creative effort.