Washington Post Ignores the Latest “Obama Born In Kenya” Story


Here is a fun game all Red Staters can play.

Go to the Washington Post and watch how long, if ever, it takes them to mention the “Obama born in Kenya according to his literary agent in 1991″ bombshell story that is all over the Internet.  (Congrats to Erick Erickson whose angle on the story is MOST READ up at Real Clear Politics.)

But at this writing, if you look at the national “hometown” paper or web site the story does not exist. This is throwback to the old Soviet Union style of journalism.

Even ABC News is running with a piece about how Obama’s literary agent is saying this was all a mistake. (But at least give ABC credit for noticing the story which is more than I can say for the Washington Post.)

This is the same media outlet that made a national headline story out of Romney’s high school pranks, and a rock way out in west Texas.

So, according to the Washington Post, some possible new evidence that the President of the United States may be born outside the USA and therefore might even be an illegal president is less important than Romney’s behavior in high school. The Post quoted a dead man in that story. It can’t contact a live book agent for this one?

Maybe the Washington Post might want to explore the angle that our current President lied about being born in Kenya to his literary agent to sell more books, but was really born in Hawaii.

No matter how they decide to cover the story, for the Washington Post to completely ignore it is a tragic example how a major player in the mainstream media is not only failing its local readers and the American people, but losing whatever is left of its own credibility.