Who Is Hilary Rosen?

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This post is to get you up to speed on this fast-breaking story with many moving parts.

Hilary Rosen is now a household name after saying on CNN about Ann Romney, that “She Has Never Worked A Day In Her Life”.

If you have never heard of Hilary Rosen before today, here are some facts about her that will put this huge national dust-up in context.

She has visited the Obama White House 35 times according to official visitor logs. Unless you believe Jay Carney.

According to Wikipedia, “Hilary Beth Rosen is a partner in the political communications firm, SKDKnickerbocker with offices in DC and New York; she also is a LGBT activist.”

It is important to note here that SKDKnickerbocker is the un-official public relations arm of the Obama White House and reelection campaign.

Anita Dunn who was Obama’s White House Communications Director is a managing partner. Dunn left the White House after publicly praising Chairman Mao Zedong, whose policies killed millions of Chinese under his rule This is the firm (what a surprise) that represented Sandra Fluke in all that Rush Limbaugh “slut” controversy.

Hilary Rosen has been a Washington power player for decades and a well known face in democrat fundraising, social and media circles.

Wiki states: “She was with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) from 1987 to 2003 and served first as President and then chairman and chief executive from 1994 to 2003. And she was President of a start up website, OurChart.com from 2006 to 2008.”

Rosen led the RIAA’s disastrous effort to curb online piracy by pursuing children via major lawsuits

Rosen is also a mother of twins adopted when she was with her former partner.

Ms. Rosen’s current partner is Randi Weingarten who happened to be a powerful union boss as President of the American Federation of Teachers.

Together they are known as a “lesbian power couple”. Both were invited to the White House State Dinner in March honoring British Prime Minister David Cameron in which numerous guests were openly gay.

What is interesting is this entire morning with all the massive media coverage, the press never mentioned Rosen was a lesbian. Now it’s widely reported but in the context of a new battleground, the “war on gay parents who adopt.”  According to the Democrats, conservatives are now launching this war against Hilary Rosen because she is a gay parent who adopted.

The plain ole “War on Women” was so this morning.

Truly I am thankful that there are no major issues or real wars confronting our nation so the press can wage these fun little wars.





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