Can Fox News be trusted anymore?

I’m writing this because I’m very concerned about the recent appearance of Rupert Murdoch on Fox and Friends. In the appearance Murdoch along with Mayor Mike Bloomberg of New York are announcing themselves teaming up to seek comprehensive Immigration Reform. It literally to me is a five minute propaganda piece. Mayor Bloomberg just say’s the most irrational things such as the immigrants come here and “pay taxes”, “don’t use our hospitals” or “our schools”. Just silly things that I think everyone agrees don’t make sense. We all can agree that considering the unemployment rate the way it is we know adding more people to America with the fewer jobs available is only going to drive down wages even more. Throughout the conversation Bloomberg and Murdoch go on and on about LEGAL immigration. I don’t think anyone on this website has ANY problem with LEGAL immigration. I know personally I don’t. The 800 lb elephant in the room is illegal immigration. The fact that people come into this country unknown to us, making money and sending it back to their countries to support their families. Coming into this country carrying tuberculosis and many other diseases’. Come to this country being gang members such as MS-13. It is all very disturbing to me. And why do only the Mexicans get a chance at the American dream?  What about the Ethiopians? They have it worse than the Mexicans. We can go on and on about countries that are worse off than Mexico.

My honest opinion is that there is NO WAY we are going to deport 10 to 20 million illegal aliens. It’s just not feasible unless we want house to house fighting in America. The big business interests have it in their interests to attract all these workers to America so that they can drive down wages. Keep workers who don’t know their rights and are able to be threatened with deportation. To continue to undermine the social fabric of America. Take jobs away from African Americans. I understand that 99% of these people are coming to America not to jerk around but to work and make a better life for themselves. And America may not want them but we want their children. They are the ones who will grow up to become Americans.

My question I would like answered from you would be would you agree with immigration reform IF they secured the borders, which would cost us more money, AND make ENGLISH the OFFICIAL language of America. By immigration reform they obviously mean amnesty to all the illegal immigrants.
I think there are compromises that everyone must make to solve this problem. And it is a problem.

I bring up Fox News because it’s obviously owned by Rupert Murdoch and I would like to know can a news channel who claims to be “Fair and Balanced” be trusted when they’re owner literally teams up with a politician who bans guns and salt like he’s the King of England and democracy doesn’t matter. So can Fox news be trusted or should I just watch MSNBC knowing exactly what I’m getting? Fox and Friends. With friends like that who needs enemies?

Thank you RedState for the platform,

J.P. Douglas

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