George LeMieux Enters Florida Senate Race

Florida’s 34th United States Senator – George LeMieux – (R-FL) announced yesterday that he was running for the Republican nomination to take on incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson in 2012 with the simple statement: “I’m in.”

“I’m in because the country and our government is on the risk of failure,” LeMieux told the St. Petersburg Times. “This is a crisis. I saw it up close. If we don’t rein in the spending we’re going to melt the economy. I can’t stand by on the sidelines and let that happen.”

What distinguishes him from other Republican candidates, Lemieux said, is that he already has the experience, having served 16 months in the U.S. Senate following his appointment to fill the vacancy created when Mel Martinez left early.  LeMieux, 41, of Lighthouse Point, never concealed his desire to return to Washington full-time and has spent the months since the November election assembling a team, lining up fundraising commitments and traveling the state.

LeMieux says he has seen the problems up close and offered conservative solutions, but was not in Washington “long enough to be part of the problem.”

“America is in a crisis and we must put a stop to out of control spending. Our government is broke and far too many Floridians are out of work,” said LeMieux. “I am running for the U.S. Senate because I believe the stakes have never been higher. This crisis cannot wait for our children and grandchildren– we must have the courage to make the tough choices today to save our future. We cannot afford politicians who continue to spend this country into ruin.

LeMieux took aim at Nelson in his comments.

“Bill Nelson, like most career politicians, is part of the problem. Year in and year out, Bill Nelson has voted for bloated budgets, bigger bureaucracy, higher taxes, and has driven government into nearly every aspect of our lives,” added LeMieux. “I care too much about my four children, the people of Florida, and this great nation to sit on the sidelines. For too long, politicians have made the easy choice and refused to do anything about our overspending. Florida needs another common sense voice to join Senator Rubio in Washington and put this country back on track.”

LeMieux also unveiled his campaign website: http://www.georgeforflorida.com.

Rico Petrocelli is a former Plantation Councilman and current Executive Director of the Republican Party of Broward County, Florida.