(VIDEO) RPOF's Call to Action & Petition to Stop Illegally Registered Voters; BREC Chairman Richard DeNapoli appears on Fox News

Join RPOF’s Call To Action To Stop Illegally Registered Voters


From the RPOF:

“While Democrats and liberal special interests demagogue the important issue of securing our elections, they seem happy to accept that illegal voters are in our system.

BREC Chairman Richard DeNapoli appears on Fox News on Thursday, June 7th, 2012 in a segment about the issue of non-citizen and deceased voters on the rolls


Florida’s Republicans believe the vote is the foundation of

our democracy, and it is too important to allow even one

illegal vote to be cast.

Liberal special interests criticize Florida’s solution to the very real problem of illegally-registered voters. Yet, their solution would be to have public officials do nothing.

We invite them to join us in an effort to gain access to an even better solution to securing Florida’s voter rolls. With a single phone call, President Obama could tell the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to release information from a federal program called SAVE.

*To learn more about SAVE, please visit:

 USCIS Save Program

SAVE’s mission is to provide “immigration status information to authorized agencies to assist them in maintaining the integrity of their programs.” By giving this data to states – as Colorado and Florida have already requested – the ability to better identify illegally registered voters would be dramatically increased.

So far, Obama and his administration have

rejected this common-sense request. As a result, states like Florida are left to develop their own efforts for securing the integrity of voter rolls. Please contact the White House and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano IMMEDIATELY. Tell them we need to stop illegally registered voters, we need the SAVE data released today!

Contact the White House by phone at 202-456-1111 or by email here: White House Questions & Comments

Contact Secretary Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security by phone at 202-282-8495 or by email here: Janet Napolitano



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