Governor Palin Vs. The Nefarious Associated Press

The Honorable Governor Palin had this to say about the latest media BS: inaccurate story floating around regarding any ethics violation & Legal Defense Fund. The matter is still pending and new information was just requested. Their will be a final report.

Amanda Carpenter, of Human Events, responds to the Associated Press’s illegal and premature leak about Governor Palin and the most resent ethics complaint.

The Associated Press claims soon-to-be former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin will be found guilty of violating her state’s ethics rules, citing a report leaked to their offices from the State Personnel Board on one of the 19 ethics complaints filed against her.

The governor may be counting down her final days in office, but she isn’t letting the accusations go unanswered. She’s even threatening to take some legal action of her own against the leakers.