Investor's Business Daily On Governor Palin's Cap-&-Tax Editorial

Once again IBD is the voice of common sense and backs Governor Palin with this editorial: Palin Vs. Kerry (And MoveOn.org). Rather then discuss or debate the issue of energy Kerry feels the need to insult Governor Palin. In any debate the side that insults loses the debate as we see with Kerry’s response.

John Kerry, replying to an op-ed Sarah Palin wrote on cap-and-trade, suggests the Alaska governor “check the view from her front porch.” What she sees from there, senator, is energy wealth going to waste.

The political death of Sarah Palin has been greatly exaggerated. In a devastating op-ed in the Washington Post, Alaska’s Governor exposes the cap-and-tax fraud that has nothing to do with earth’s temperature and everything to do with government control of the economy.

She also exposes the stealth socialism ambitions of the Democratic left and once again points out the availability of abundant “shovel-ready” resources under America’s soil, off America’s shores and even in America’s rocks.