The Weekly Standard: Hurricane Palin About To Descend On The Lower 48

Matthew Continetti, from the Weekly Standard, released an early copy of his piece for the July 20th 2009 issue: Sarah Palin on why she resigned and what it means for her future. Mr Continetti looks at Governor Palin from the being of her carrier and demostrates The Governor likes gambles, never does anything by the book and is a women of firsts!

On Governor Palin And Her Rise:
One thing you quickly learn about Sarah Palin when you study her career is that she never, ever does things by the book. The lady knows how to make a splash. She specializes in surprise announcements. Her 2004 resignation from the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, her 2005 declaration that she was challenging incumbent Frank Murkowski for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, her March 2008 revelation that she was seven months pregnant with her fifth child, then her August 2008 addition to the GOP presidential ticket and the subsequent shocker that her 17-year-old daughter was pregnant: All galvanized public opinion and upset established patterns of doing business.