Saturday Jan. 23, 7-9pm, Covenant Classical School, Concord NC

Here is an excerpt of what you can expect:

“The Nazi State and society was built on a foundation of godlessness and lies.  The global confrontation we face today is between that same godless foundation and God’s undeniable truth.  The battles we face in the political arena today are the major symptoms of this underlying battle.  Capitalism versus socialism is just one current battlefield on which the war for truth is being fought.

The role of God in all human society and here especially, the role of God in American society will be the decisive factor in this war.  We are in the midst of a global ideological war, which sadly, the leaders of western society refuse to acknowledge or engage in.  God’s commandments apply to all of humanity.  All people and nations regardless of color, religion, wealth, or world status reveal which side they are on in this battle by their behavior. Political change can only come after personal hearts change.  Without truth there can be no lasting freedom.  We must enlist patriots into the global ideological battle for truth, and the United States MUST be the leader of this battle for freedom and truth in the world”. – Hilmar von Campe.

About Mr. von Campe:

Mr. von Campe was a member of Hitler’s youth and was eventually conscripted into the army. Near the end of the war he was captured and confined to a soviet concentration camp where he escaped and traveled by the stars of night on foot across seven countries back to his homeland. Since that time Mr. Von Campe has lived in many other countries and had a successful business in Mexico. His most recent book, “Defeating The Totalitarian Lie” has been featured in many notable venues including World Net Daily and the 700 Club. He will be signing copies of his book at the event.

Mr. von Campe shares with us his unique perspective from personal and historical experience of the similarities between Hitler’s rise to power and what is happening in America today. Mr. Von Campe now in his mid eighties, has become an American citizen and believes so strongly in these parallels that he has exhausted his entire personal fortune to communicate this message. He believes America is the last and still the best hope of freedom for the world. This event is free and promises to deliver an important piece of history you will not want to miss.

For more information about Hilmar von Campe visit: http://www.voncampe.com

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