Is President Obama Too Big To Fail?

It seems to me that Nancy Pelosi is saying to the reluctant Dems in the House (as she twists their arms and bribes them) that they must pass the Senate Health Care bill to ‘save’ President Obama’s failing presidency.  In other words, he must be bailed out because he is ‘too big to fail’.  He has too much invested in this bill for it not to pass.

But if saving Obama’s presidency is really the goal, then House Democrats must vote against this bill.  They must save him from himself.  If they succeed in passing this unpopular bill, then they will damage President Obama in the eyes of the majority of voters permanently, losses will be big in November for the Dems, and he will never recover.

To save Obama’s historic presidency House Democrats have only one option – they must KILL THE BILL!  Obama may actually go down in history as a decent president, and who knows, some of them may keep their seats in November after all.