MSM - Living in a world without Climategate?

The Drudge Report linked to this article about U.N. Climate Chief Yvo de Boer’s resignation, CNN has this article, CBSnews has this article,  MSNBC has the AP article linked to on Drudge, ABC news has this article, NBC has nothing, and even FOX has nothing but this AP article .  Nowhere in any of these articles was Climategate mentioned.  There is no mention of the leaked emails.  There is no mention that the prediction of Himalayan glaciers melting was baseless.  There is no mention of Phil Jones admission that the globe has not warmed in the last 15 years.  There is no mention of the fact that the globe was warmer during the Middle Ages.  There was no speculation that he might be resigning because the basis for action to curb man made greenhouse gas emissions has been proven to be false!!!!  This is an AP story.  Why are they ignoring the revelations of the last several months?  In what alternative universe do they live?  Once again, the MSM are way behind the curve in covering REAL news.  Now, I’m wondering if Congress will cut all government funding for ‘Global Warming’ research before the MSM will actually report it.  If it can happen with ACORN it could possibly happen with Global Warming, right?  Am I the only one just crazy enough to think it is possible?