Obama's Laugh Line in the SOTU, Energy Costs, and Climategate

“I know that there are those who disagree with the overwhelming scientific evidence on climate change,”   said President Obama. 

This brought laughter from the right.  Has he not heard about the lies and cover-up?  Does he not care about the legitimacy of the data and conclusions drawn?  Is the left too far down this road to face the truth with candor?

He followed the above sentence with: 

 “But even if you doubt the evidence, providing incentives for energy efficiency and clean energy are the right thing to do for our future.” 

This brought applause from the left.  And herein lies the rub.  To the leaders of this country it doesn’t matter that those who started this gigantic, destructive ball rolling did so on the basis of a bunch of lies.  It’s still “the right thing to do”.  No matter the cost to businesses and individuals.  No matter the destructive influence on our already injured economy.  It’s still the right thing to do.  But why?  Is anyone asking why?  Will Republican leaders ask why?  Why are we hurting ourselves economically when the basis for developing expensive less CO2 emitting technology is in serious question?  Even before the recent revelations of lies and cover-ups it was questionable, but now?  Now we are going to continue to wrap the noose of high cost energy around our necks because the President says it is “the right thing to do”? 

Like I’ve said before, my Dad is in the foundry business in the Midwest.  He recently shared with me his communications with the energy company that supplies the foundry.  Foundries are huge energy users.  My father sent them articles published recently related to climategate.  He wanted to know their take on it since they are in the process of building a power plant with CO2 trapping technology that has overrun cost projections twice.  The foundry business has taken a huge hit the past two years, which caused him to have to layoff one third of his workforce.  So, you see his concern as he sees no end to rate increases for electricity and then the probability of an increased tax burden after that.  So I read the back and forth exchange and sent him the following:


Thanks so much for sharing this with me!  It looks to me like XYZ Energy is saying “Who cares about the truth and lies of climate science?  The politicians believe it and we can make money on it, so too bad.  You have to pay our rate, because we are already too far down this path to turn around.  Thanks for talking with us, but we’ve already made up our minds.”  Is that your take?

Love, 4life

 He responded with:  (and no, he doesn’t call me 4life, and there is no XYZ Energy, and I’m sure you can figure out why I prefer to keep this anonymous)

That is exactly what they are saying.  In their defense, if they had come out opposing Cap and Trade legislation they might have been denied a seat at the table.  The American Foundry Society was told explicitly that if they opposed a Cap and Trade bill they would be denied the ability to attend meetings or the opportunity to get credits being offered to other industries.  Steel mills have been offered credits so they will see no need to comply for a number of years. XYZ Energy believes that CO2 causes global warming so it was really no problem for them.

No problem for them, but a big problem for the rest of us.