Abortion, My Thoughts

In the name of women’s rights the basic right to life of unborn women (and men) is denied.

Shouldn’t humans have more rights than sea turtles? Sea turtle eggs are protected by Federal law while a developing human is not. Sea turtle eggs are protected because hatched sea turtles are an endangered species. The eggs are given the same protection as the fully formed sea turtle. Human embryos are not given the same protection as fully formed humans.

The ‘make love not war’ crowd has fought for the right to abort the result of that love while claiming to be against violence.

The assertion is made that abortion is the best thing, because the baby is not wanted. Just talk to any couple waiting to adopt. These babies are desperately wanted. There are even couples waiting to adopt children with special needs.

A fetus is a baby and a baby is a fetus. When a woman is pregnant we say she is “having a baby”.

Those in favor of “reproductive rights” assert that a woman should have control of her own body, but (in most cases) she got pregnant in the first place because she did not control her body.

If the question was simply a matter of a woman making decisions about her own body then there would be no grounds for objecting to abortion. The problem is that a baby is a new body being formed inside the woman’s body. The thing that is being aborted is not the woman’s body. It is dependant on the woman’s body, but it is a separate body. The child’s body forming within her is precisely the reason for the abortion.

The sin of slavery was treating human beings as property, to be bought and sold. The sin of reproductive rights is treating developing humans as property to be torn from the natural safety of the womb, or thawed from the safety of the cryogenic deep freeze to be allowed to develop for the purpose of scientific experimentation.

I challenge all those who believe in the sanctity of life to refuse any medical treatment that results from the experimentation on and destruction of human embryos.

I believe that unborn babies are the most precious and innocent of all human life. I believe that girls who become pregnant but see the pregnancy through, and give their babies up for adoption are, in this day and age, heroes. I also believe that young women who choose to keep their babies are to be helped with love and compassion. Young men who marry the mother of their ‘accidental’ child and become a loving and responsible father are to be commended. I deeply feel that women who have abortions are also victims of the violence of the abortion and should be treated with compassion. And last but not least I believe that counselors who advise abortion as an easy answer are severely misguided at best and liars at worst, and those who actually perform abortions are a kin to the slave traders of the 18th and 19th centuries and the SS of Nazi Germany. What they are doing is legal, but shouldn’t be.

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