I'm a flat earther, according to most politicians.

My dad is in the foundry business and just sent me this note:

You aren’t the only one to visit the center of power [I went to the DC Tea Party].  Flew out and back the same day.  One very discouraging thing, confirmed by the American Foundry Association’s lobbyist, most people in DC think that if you don’t believe in global warming and that man causes it and man can correct it, then you are like the flat earth believers. It is considered settled science by a vast majority of the political class.

This of course is the foundation of Cap and Trade which will further burden the already burdened and struggling foundry industry.

Do you know any conservatives who believe in man made global warming?  I don’t.  My friends and acquaintanences consider it a joke and politicized science.  I would love to see our next Republican Presidential Candidate stand and boldly declare that man made global warming is a hoax and junk science.  Even if she/he gets skewered by the libs, the common sense crowd would LOVE it!  What are the chances of that happening?