"Hold the Line!"

I had sworn off movies for the past year and a half, as my small contribution in the boycotting of Hollywood. 

However, this week, when months of swelling, sustained, dedicated opposition to ObamaCare from this nation’s citizenry was answered by its passage with an iron gavel, and then followed by mockery and taunting, a particular movie scene  immediately came to mind.  I decided to temporarily lift the boycott, dust off an old favorite, and give it a watch. 

Watching the final battle scene in “The Patriot” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZyvuh8rp5Y was cathartic as I believe this scenario closely parallels where we are right now in this contemporary battle to protect our liberty from an over-reaching, arrogant, and corrupt government. 

The Colonial militia group, led by Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson), was comprised of a very diverse group of men who were united by their common pursuit of freedom from tyranny.  They were dwarfed by the British Red Coats in regard to size, resources and military training.  No doubt, the odds were against them. 

In the climatic battle scene, when the militia’s front line begins to falter and retreat is underway, Benjamin seizes the American flag and rushes to the front line screaming, “Hold the line!”  The boldness of his brave leadership in the face of looming defeat was the catalyst the discouraged militia needed to press on.  Their energy and belief in victory was restored, and they were, indeed, victorious.

Return to today.

I believe we are at a critical point in our battle against an out-of-control government.  A point where our front line is vulnerable, as some people (including some Republican members of Congress) are feeling defeated and hopeless in stopping what they believe is the inevitability of the Marxists in government  forcing socialism down our throats.  

The Administration and Democratic Congress have punched us in the gut, pushed us down and are now poking and kicking us with the intent to dispirit the greatest, most profound movement of our lifetime against an intrusive, oppressive government.  However, we mustn’t allow the line to falter.

What we need right now, this very second, is for leaders in the Republican Party to take a lesson from Benjamin Martin.  

We need true, Conservative Republican leaders to resist the temptation to move to the center with talk of merely repealing the “bad” parts of the ObamaCare legislation out of fear. Such talk will signal defeat against the Obama and the Progressive/Marxist machine, deflating the energy our side desperately needs to be victorious.

We can prevail, but victory will require brave, principled, bold leadership from the Conservatives in Republican Party.  The citizens of this great Republic are thirsty for leaders we can believe in and who can  boldly lead in the face of defeat.  We need our leaders to signal that they are confident of victory and the American people will follow.  

I am convinced that Conservative leadership can successfully harness and sustain the energy of the opposition and propel us to victory.  Following the example of Benjamin Martin, this path to victory should begin immediately by Republican leaders enthusiastically shouting three words into every megaphone at their disposal: