Actions Speak Louder Than meetings

G.O.P leaders met with President Obama yesterday to discuss, well apparently, the obvious. According to a CNN report, the BIG meeting was supposed to end in negotiations over the tax hikes amongst other things, instead the leaders discussed the fact they haven’t had the best communication over the past two years and how they need to meet more in the future. Well duh. Who the didn’t already know that? “We’ve had a lot of nice meetings,” Boehner said. I would like to suggest to the leadership in Washington that the “nice meetings” aren’t the problem, the problem is that the American people are crying out for action by those who have the power to act. Meetings about meetings are pointless.

The facts need to be presented are apparent, as are the consequences of inaction. The same things are discussed on a daily basis, no matter the expert, no matter the economist, or reporter, everyone says that doom and gloom are near. With that information, combined with a landslide election a.k.a license from the American people to change course, or begin the process anyway, the republican congressional leaders should have walked into the presidents office with a list of crucial problems that must be addressed by the leaders and refused to leave without some kind action being taken. Those with the license from the American people should not be the ones bending to the others will. America has had two years of Obama’s policies, and we have rejected them the best we can to this point. It seems to me that the new republican congressional leaders should have been the ones with the upper hand in the meeting, they should have been shaping the debate and calling the shots.