Iranian Nukes

My fear of the U.S, and/or Israel NOT bombing Iran and interfering by way of force to bring their nuclear program to a halt, is that Iran will become another North Korea. North Korea has, since becoming a nuclear power, been increasingly aggressive and less willing to corporate when the U.N asks for diplomatic peace talks and so on. North Korea’s recent sinking of the South Korean naval vessel makes crystal clear their intentions of noncompliance and willingness to commit acts of war without fear of consequence. The same will go for Iran if they are allowed to gain nuclear weaponry. They aren’t willing to corporate now, so what does the world expect when they do have nuclear capabilities. Iran would or will be another giant, and aggressive problem for the U.S, Israel, and all of western civilization quite honestly.

Will the U.S take military action to prevent Iran from gaining nuclear capability?  Obama would make an ideological decsion, surprise surprise, and say “it’s only fair for Iran to have nuclear weapons. Israel has them, why can’t Iran? They are only trying to pretect themselves. They said that they have no intention of attacking”.  Now I know people are going to say “well he has to look at the big picture”, and I get that, however a nuclear Iran will be much more difficult, if not virtually impossible to deal with diplomatically. I also recognize that we have two wars going on, so would Obama put support behind Israel (for once) making an attack? I seriously doubt it. Ahmadinejad has already made clear that he wants to go ahead with the nuclear program no matter what. Now in my opinion, he desires to be taken seriously, and he wants to have the capability to destroy Israel(I personally believe he would/will make an attempt).