"When people fear their government, there is tyranny. When government fears their people, there is liberty." -Thomas Jefferson

The recent unveiling of the disgusting act of voter intimidation by Black Panther members, and even more macabre actions of the D.O.J dropping the case against these men, AFTER winning, has set off alarms in my head and hopefully everyone else’s as well. Since when do leaders, people who have supposedly dedicated their lives to JUSTICE, not politics, to a nation UNITED, not nation divided by the ignorance of ethnic and racial tension, THUS THERE ARE THE HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE!As horrible as it may sound, I cannot help but be reminded of Hitler, The Holocaust, The Crusades, the religious plight of the people of China, and the women of Islam. When ignorance and stupidity have power, they can be unimaginably dangerous. This administration has, by its’ actions in regards to this case, have proved to me that they are abandoning reason for madness, unity for division, the bondage of racial and ethnic tension for peace and prosperity of the ENTIRE people.

The Black Panthers are no different than the KKK, Nazis, drug cartels, militant communist leaders, and dictators who use threats and intimidation to accomplish their goals. In essence, hatred, spawned by APPARENT difference, is what fuels them. It is this that binds them. It is the very thing they stand for that should compel against their ways. My point is that each one of the groups I previously mentioned is making the same mistakes that mankind has been making since our creation. If they could only see THAT is the proof that we are all the same. THIS IS THE MEANING OF ‘SAME DIFFERENCE’! As long as we keep making the same mistakes of our predecessors, we will go down the same paths. We are too advanced and far too intelligent to let color, religion, ethnicity, nationality, any sort of hatred hold us back. Where did the holocaust get us? What about the crusades, the cross-burnings in the south, genocides in Rwanda? The only correct answer is nowhere. If, we as human beings can rid ourselves of these evils, I am convinced that we could achieve 100 times what anyone has ever thought, 1000 times faster than imaginable. Now I’m saying that we would all hold hands and burst into spontaneous song and dance (as awesome as that would be). We live in an imperfect world. Always have, always will, it’s an inconvenient truth that cannot be overcome. What I am simply suggesting is that we learn from our history. It is there for a reason. Stupidity can, for the most part, be extinguished.

In the bible, there are stories of God wanting to destroy the human race. It is believed by Christians that before Christ, we had no chance of making it into paradise, a perfect world in the presence of God, no death, and no pain forever. However we continued to fall short and instead of giving up, God gave us another chance. God, like any parent, knew his children’s potential. He knew that we could be worthy. After all, he did create us, in Christian and Jewish belief, and watched us grow. Most parents try to push their children as far as they can go. How many times have you heard your parents say “we just want the best for you”, they know where you can get in life if you put your mind to it. That is what the Bible trying to say, regardless of your religious beliefs, but as a book take it for what it’s worth. It is possible for us to overcome, but we cannot do it if we do not look at our past and use it to plan our future.  When and if we rid ourselves of ignorance and hatred we are doomed to an idiotic cycle fueled by division.

In conclusion, hatred is fed by ignorance. The two go hand-in-hand. It’s the classic mistake of mankind. “United we stand, divided we fall.” Animals only point in life is to eat, reproduce, and die. It’s is an unbreakable cycle that is inescapable because that is all they are capable of knowing. However, human beings, needless to say, have intelligence that separates us by light years. We CAN shape our own destiny, and we DO everyday. This is evident in every person who s rehabilitated from drugs, every person who decides not to drugs, or go to college, take a chance in relationships, begin families and so on. For such an intelligent creature to be bound, in anyway to such stupidity as hatred, racism, and bigotry (all the same) is an insult to each and every one of us, the time we have spent, the time we have left, our creator (whether it is a deity, science, or coincidence).  Our ‘leaders’ have violated and insulted us all by not pursuing “justice for all,” and are just as, if not as guilty as, in a sense, Hitler, the KKK, and the Black Panthers.