Broward Young Republicans Fight to Save CD-22

The following is a statement by the Broward County Young Republicans:

The Florida legislature has done a tremendous job proposing new districts for the next decade. Even with a challenging new set of rules to follow, we find their proposals interesting, legal and fair.

We do however take exception to the dismantling of Congressional District 22 in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Broward Republican Party Chairman Richard DeNapoli and Vice Chair Colleen Stolberg recently made the case for saving CD-22.  Broward County Young Republicans echo their concerns and invite our friends in the other party to join us in preserving a truly fair district.

Democrats like to make the District 22 fight all about Allen West because demagoguery is their obsession and fundraising tool. But to Republicans, much more than one man is at stake.  This fight is about voter representation and preserving a community of interest.  We want to ensure all voters in the coastal communities of Broward and Palm Beach counties are fairly represented.  They should have a choice for Congress without stacking the deck in favor of one party.

The areas in question are home to large populations of Republican and Independent voters, yet under current proposals they would likely be represented by a Democrat.  Broward County holds the second most Republican voters in the state, but could soon have zero Republican members of Congress.  Doesn’t that fly in the face of the “Fair Districts” Amendments?

We are convinced that minor changes could make a big difference in District 22. By removing the western dog leg into Plantation and extending the coastal portion of the District, the legislature could strengthen a community of interest while eliminating a partisan bent. This change would also fix the appearance it was gerrymandered to put Allen West within its limits.

District 22 is the only truly fair district in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Preserving it should be important to all Floridians. Instead of pursuing a personal vendetta against a sitting congressman, let’s give voters the right to decide for themselves their best representative.

For more information, please visit the Broward County Young Republicans website at www.browardyr.com.