Occupy Fort Lauderdale Solidarity Demonstration

“Occupy Fort Lauderdale,” a movement of the anti-corporate protest initiative that started on Wall Street and subsequently spread across the nation, has staged a demonstration for Saturday in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Called the “Fort Lauderdale Solidarity Demonstration,” a march is scheduled starting at 11 o’clock Saturday.  It involves a march of nearly a half-mile from the United States Courthouse at 299 East Broward Boulevard to the Bank of America Plaza, located at 401 East Las Olas Boulevard.

Thousands of activists nationwide have already participated in “Occupy Wall Street” type rallies.  Some demonstrators have camped out on Wall Street for the past 26 days. 

Most rallies have been peaceful, but some have turned violent and involved the use of pepper spray and batons.  Some demonstrators have complained of police abuse.

Celebrities like actor Tony Danza have even joined in on the protests against corporate influence on the U.S. government. “The police are in a tough spot. They’ve got to control the crowd, but, you know, I think people in America should be allowed to do this kind of gather and protest,” said Danza. “You know, I’m from the 60s. I grew up in the 60s, when we did this most of the time.”

According to the event’s official Facebook page, 306 people have indicated as of 3:30 Friday that they will attend the Fort Lauderdale demonstration.

In promising a peaceful rally, some event notes were provided on Facebook:

-This is PEACEFUL and always will be!
-Clean up after yourself, and others!
-BRING WATER for yourself and others!
-Bring a hat, and dress in such a way to avoid overheating
-Don’t walk in the roads!
-Avoid blocking sidewalks so pedestrians can pass!
-When crossing streets we will move in smaller groups to allow traffic to pass, those not crossing can stand on the sidewalks and display signs
-Be wary of those around you; watch for their safety and yours!
-If talking to the police, remember they are part of the 99% too! They are empathetic to our cause and want to be treated like the people they are!

The protests have gained momentum, extending to the West Coast and even to the nation’s capital as a tool to get Washington’s attention against corporate influence.