Fort Lauderdale Attorney Jim Lewis Enters Race for Broward State Attorney

Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney Jim Lewis has entered the race to unseat Mike Satz as Broward State Attorney in 2012.  A registered Republican, Lewis, 54, filed his campaign paperwork Wednesday with the Florida Division of Elections.

Best known for his representation of twelve-year old Lionel Tate in the murder of six-year old Tiffany Eunick, Lewis knows what it’s like to run for political office. He has unsuccessfully run for Florida Attorney General, Fort Lauderdale mayor, Fort Lauderdale city commission, Broward Public Defender, Broward Circuit Court Judge and state representative.

“I’ve learned from prior campaigns, most recently in my 2010 unsuccessful run for Florida Attorney General, that successful campaigns have to be well financed, organized, and run by professional campaign staff,” stated Jim Lewis.  “I have budgeted $300,000.00 for this campaign and have retained a professional campaign manager.”

Satz, a Democrat, has been Broward’s top prosecutor since 1976.  Lewis started his career in 1981 as a prosecutor in Orlando and later moved in 1987 to the state Attorney General’s Office, remaining until 1992.  He became a criminal defense lawyer in 1993, frequently defending criminal cases against Satz’s prosecutors at the Broward County Courthouse.

“As Broward’s State Attorney I will strive to be progressive, with a primary objective to find new and better ways to keep our community safe,” continued Lewis.  “For non-violent offenders, I want real attempts to rehabilitate low risk offenders instead of using valuable prison space on drug addicts and the mentally ill.”

Meanwhile, Satz welcomed the challenge.

“Anybody in public office knows that a formidable challenge is always a possibility and prepares for it,” stated Satz. “You get ready every time.”

Note:  The author is not related to Jim Lewis.