IT'S ALL ABOUT OBAMA, and that's the problem.....

The recent uproar over Obama’s speech to schoolchildren had many on the right (and left) in quite a tizzy.  The right with cries of indoctrination and too much federal control, and the left became upset that anyone would question a President simply wanting to speak to kids about working hard and staying in school.  (Such short memories liberals seem to have.)

I do not have any problem with President Obama wanting to talk with our kids about staying in school or about setting goals and working hard to acheive them.  Sure, when I first heard that he was planning a nationwide address to schoolkids, especially including the Pre-K to 6th grade ages, I had my concerns about a President pushing an ideology onto impressionable minds.  Those concerns were eased when I learned what the content and purpose of the speech was.  Any President should want to convey such a message to our youth.

The problem, for me, lies in the lesson plans drawn up by the Department of Education that teachers were encouraged to use.  That, on its face, is simply a BAD IDEA.  The federal government has no business in suggesting daily lesson plans for any reason, never mind the authority to implement it.  But the trouble with this is much bigger than the debate over federal power and encroachment into our everyday lives.  The problem is both real and emblematic.

In reading these lesson plans, one word/idea is noticeably missing:  America.

More than 35 times, the word “Obama”, or a direct reference to him, is used in the lesson plans.  Suggestions are made to post notable quotes from his speeches, to read excerpts of his books, to discuss what kids can do to help him, and to learn about his life story.  Not one suggestion is made to study why America is a place where an education can propel any person, no matter the circumstance, into success.  Not one mention of our founding fathers, of our Constitution, or examples of American exceptionalism and the can-do spirit that made this country great.


I believe the answer to that question lies in the possibility that those now in charge of our government come from a mindset in which America is a nation with, well, quite simply put, a “history of bad”.  From Christopher Columbus (destroyer of indigenous peoples), colonization (white man’s greed), the revolution (violence, violence) and our founding (they were slave owners, don’t ya know?) to basic American concepts of capitalism and prosperity (more white man’s greed), the current powers that be just don’t think America is a country worthy of adoration, respect, or even likeability.  Most progressives are embarrassed to be Americans.  (Well, they were until THE ONE was elected, anyway.)

With such disdain for our country, you can understand why progressives do not encourage our youth to learn the positive history of America and the positive impacts of freedom, capitalism, free markets, and limited government.  A far, far better way to inspire kids to study and work hard, according to the left, is to encourage our kids to learn all about Obama….and that’s the big problem no one is talking about. 

Teach your children well, my friends.