The Path to Tyranny

Politicians who advocate big government are often seen as covert harborers of tyranny, insincere populists, pushing aside the principles of liberty in order to obtain power.  Those who advocate individual liberty are often seen as insincere elitists willing to sacrifice serving the public good for personal freedoms or gains.  Hamilton observed these things in the discussions known as The Federalist Papers way back in the 1780’s.  My, oh my, how far we haven’t come.


Today we have politicians playing the same parts:  the covert harborers of tyranny are eagerly played by the progressive democrats, and the right-wing republicans are typecast as the insincere elitists.   From that last statement you can guess with which set of actors I align myself.  For I, like Hamilton, believe that one must be honest in their bias and opinion before they can ask others to listen.


I am a mother of three, a wife (to my one and only), a daughter, a sister, and a friend to many (I hope).  I am proud to be a citizen of this great country, perhaps overly so.  I still see that shining city on a hill that President Reagan spoke of so eloquently, but I fear that her light is dimming, as though all her formerly bright incandescent bulbs were exchanged for those pesky little compact fluorescent lights (all in the name of saving the planet, of course).


I am witnessing a growing public willing to exchange liberty for complacency, witnessing a portion of the citizenry not just asking “what can my country do for me?” but now demanding that “my country owes me a car, a house, and free healthcare.”  I see a segment of the public willing to blame the rich and successful for all the ills of society, to intimidate and threaten those they believe have received an ill-deserved bonus.  Like the master manipulates his puppet, certain individuals in power are manipulating these resentments for their own political gain.  Such is the path to tyranny.


A look at modern history teaches us that a tyrant begins his quest by disguising his want of power wearing the mask of a fighter for people’s rights.  Hitler rose to power as a defender of worker’s rights and as populist spokesmen for the poor and underprivileged.  Chavez used the anger of the lower economic class to gain power with promises of ending corruption and misgovernment.  Such tyrants have a shared path to power:  manipulation of the frustrations and wants of the common man to vault them into power, then using this given power to exercise control over the common man. 


I hear the chorus of so many of my fellow citizens as you say, “Oh, that could never happen here.”  Wake up and take a good look around.  It has already begun.


When it comes to tyranny, you never want a serious crisis to go to waste, right Mr. Emanuel?  You’ve got to use that crisis to grab as much power as you can!!!  Why, you might even try to control how much money people can make, right Congressman Franks?  Or you could even try to be the sole voice in determining a company’s economic viability, right Secretary Geitner?   And do not forget, President Obama,  to use these troubled times to rush a government run health care plan down our soon to be sore throats. Way to go boys! Use that crisis! 


True liberty, in a large society, cannot be achieved without a strong government, and a strong government cannot survive without the secured liberty of her people.  One, in fact, depends upon the other.  It is a delicate balance of power and freedom, and our Constitution was created to achieve this balance.  With each passing day, this balance is tipping more and more towards government power and away from individual freedom.


Too many people in our society have been encouraged to become dependent, in matters great and small, on the government.  They have been sold this bill of goods that they are not capable of doing for themselves.  That is a travesty.  Each person is capable of greatness, the measure of which must be self-determined.  To one, raising a good family is all the greatness necessary.  To another, greatness comes with the highest levels of recognition, career achievement, or wealth.  Have we come to a point in our nation where one path is noble, and the other is a path of evil selfishness?  Do we really want to be a nation that determines just how much “success” one person should have?


Our system of government does not grant the rights of individual liberty, but instead it was created to protect those rights already owned by the individual.  It is YOUR right to determine YOUR path, be it one of excess and greed or one of self-sacrifice and nobility.  We are facing a time of great change, (though probably not the kind of change many of you voted for).  Those currently in power are changing the very nature of our great nation through laws, regulations and policies meant to dictate our path for us, because, you see, we are incapable of making these decisions for ourselves.  Too many elected officials now operate under the philosophy that they are put into office to make decisions for us, as though they know what is best for us and what is best for the greater good.  They should be focused on making decisions on our behalf, you know, that silly little thing called “the will of the people.” 


To those of you who say that the people’s will was determined by the election of a majority of one party, I say hogwash.  Ask the public if they believe in free markets over government control and 70% say they still favor free markets.  Now ask yourself which direction those now in power are taking this country. 


So, my fellow Americans, where is your line in the sand?  When do you finally say “enough”?  When will you stand up for liberty?


If you believe in this country and what it was founded on, then stand up for it.  Defend it.  Do everything within reason to fight for it.    Call, write, fax, and e-mail every elected official currently representing you.  Let them know where you stand.  Join with your neighbors and friends and discuss issues and events, or go to a tea party this 4th of July.  Let your voice be heard in our great tradition of peaceful assembly.  Do not vote based on party, personality or incumbency, but instead on issues and ideology.  Do not let complacency or frustration idle you.  Never, never give up or give in.  Your country deserves nothing less.