I'm a liberal Democrat

Including the 2nd.

33% of Democrats supported the recall of Giron

15 Democratic Senators voted against the AWB.

Support for gun rights are bipartisan.

Gun Control isn’t a ‘left vs. right’ issue, it is an ‘urban vs rural’ issue & far more accurately. a ‘pro-rights vs authoritarian’ issue. Authoritarian scum-bags from the coasts have tried to take over my party. (Remember…Bloomberg was a Republican, then a Democrat….but he has always been an authoritarian)

I have always voted D (minus Gore) and I am planning on not voting this election. As the elections in Colorado makes clear, I’m not the only one.

My party needs to learn that attacking the rights of the innocent is unacceptable. Bloomberg’s bullshit is unacceptable.Make it easy by reminding Dems that parties will come and go, but Rights are supported by ALL Americans.

Support for gun rights are bipartisan.Help us remind our party of that.

Just remember…..you & I voted in 2012. Now I won’t vote because of this gun control nonsense….that’s minus 1 for 2014, and I can assure you, that I am not alone. There can be more still. Other Democrats feel strongly about this anti-rights bullshit, some may not feel as strongly as I, but can still be persuaded to not vote or to vote GOP this year. Make it easier to convince them by leaving out the partisan bullshit. Our 2nd amendment rights are too important. Many liberals, Democrats & leftists are with pro-gun rights on this issue.

After all….*we* are the ones that booted out Giron, Hudak & Morse……and it felt good doing so.

On the 2nd, you have more allies than you think. We’re in this one together.


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