Obama on Jobs

Obama on Jobs

Barack Obama has a plan and here it is plain and simple.

He waited until September to present his “jobs plan” for several strategic reasons. And ALL of them are political and about his reelection campaign.

For the first six weeks or so nobody will see any difference and Obama can say the plan is working. The September unemployment numbers will come out in early October and he can say they were “preplan” no matter what the numbers say. Then in November the retail stores will begin to hire seasonal help and no matter what the October unemployment numbers are Obama will try to leverage the holiday hiring and say his plan is working.

When January rolls around and the unemployment number dip, Obama will say that is due to the end of the seasonal hires but more Americans are working and his plan is working. Flat unemployment numbers for the first quarter and the GOP pounding Obama on the economy and government spending will have Obama crying foul that the GOP and Tea Party are trying to make him look bad during an election year. Maxine Waters will come out and say it’s because he is black and the Tea Party racist are out to get Obama by spreading incorrect unemployment and economic numbers and that the US is well on the way to recovery.

By April, when the unemployment rate is still over 9%, Obama will then turn to the “name-blame-game” touting the GOP, Tea Party, Hurricane what’s-its-name, European countries, China, Greece, Italy, the problems with Syria, middle east and the UN failed sanctions on Iran/Iraq/Isomebody. By then Obama will be in full campaign mode and his speeches will target blacks, Hispanics, middle class, liberals, and anyone else who will listen stating that the county was in a deep hole from George W. Bush and that America is coming out of it now but we are only half way there. He will state the “hope and change” plan was an 8 year program and now is not the time to change horses.

The July unemployment numbers will be released in early August and somehow they will come in at 8.8% down a full 3/10th of 1 point. Obama will claim victory and state once again, America is on the way back don’t stop this momentum now.

August will also see the GOP elect their nomination for President and as the summer winds down, the rhetoric, media, spin, and Obama love affair will be back in full swing touting that the GOP has no answers so keep Barack in there to “finish the job”

November will come around and Obama and the liberal media will be singing praises for the great recovery America is headed into and now is not the time to stop giving hope and change.

So there it is all laid out for everyone to see. But somehow people won’t see it this way, they will drink the Obama socialist liberal kool-aid and think yeah I guess we need to give Obama another shot. If the Americans do that, well say good bye to the America we know and love. It will be like what the terrorist did to America on 9/11 only this time the destruction will continue to come from within.