Liberal "women's groups" in Washington attempting to censor the opposition.

Care Nets, and other pregnancy support organizations, work to provide support for women in crisis pregnancies, adoption services, parenting classes and post-abortive counseling.  NARAL and Planned Parenthood hate them above almost all others, and now, in Washington State, they’re trying to do something about it.

A couple of weeks ago, in Washington State, they introduced House Bill 2837 and Senate Bill 6452, which would regulate what pregnancy support centers can and cannot tell clients and open them up to lawsuits (legitimate or otherwise).  Well, a couple of hundred opponents showed up at the state legislative committee meeting held to discuss the bills last week and voiced their concerns.  Only twenty-something supporters showed up and the committee failed to come to a conclusion on the matter.

Well, this morning I got an email from an employee at my local Care Net informing me that:

We got a message at 8:30 Wednesday Evening that SB6452 is scheduled for executive hearing tomorrow morning (Thurs Feb 4) at 10am. The original bill has been rewritten and resubmitted. Executive Summaries do not allow for testimony or debate. The committee alone will decide the fate. If they move it into another committee – it will go to the floor. Once on the floor, all bets are off. The State with the support (and glee) of Planned Parenthood and NARAL will regulate the work of Pregnancy Support Organizations despite their non-involvement in receiving of public funds, nor that they ar non-profit, religious organizations. The passage of this bill is no less than if the State begins to regulate what a pastor may or may not say to his congregation. This is not good, folks. WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS. We are trusting in His will. It was not easy for Paul nor His disciples through the years to promote the Gospel and to share the truth…we will trust in Him for all things…

If you are able to come to Olympia…the hearing is scheduled for 10:00 am Senate Hearing Room #4 – J.A. Chergerg Building (same place the hearing was held last week.) Hearing is at 10 – we should be there by 9

Politics at its nasty-est…they normally give 24 hours notice – we are getting just about 12 … they did not include this information the website. We praise God that we were able to learn about this. 

(please forgive the grammar, I believe she was quite agitated at the time).

Planned Parenthood and NARAL are attempting to get laws passed in a few states that would effectively shut down the opposition, because every life saved by one of these centers means less power and money for them.  If they get it done here, your state is next.

If you pray, please pray today.  If you live in Washington State, please stay informed about this and contact your state legislators.  Let’s stop this before it gets started.