Educate the Idiots.

Face the State, which refers to itself as “the ‘go-to’ news resource for Coloradans interested in state and local politics,” has obtained a confidential memo from the Colorado Democracy Alliance (a Colorado 527 group) which contains both a list of their operatives and the tasks assigned to them.

The list of operatives includes the Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff and Gov. Bill Ritter’s press aide, both of whom are labeled “covert.”

That’s not the most interesting part though. The most interesting part is some of the tasks assigned to the Democrat operatives…

From the Face the State article:

The document outlines specific tasks for various members of the state’s liberal infrastructure, including a campaign to “educate the idiots,” assigned to the state’s AFL-CIO union. Among the operation’s intended targets: “minorities, GED’s, drop-outs.”

Once again, Democrats show their contempt for the very people that they claim to protect, revere and serve.

The PDF of the document linked from the Face the State article assigns Carolyn Siegel-AFL-CIO to the strategy group

Minimum Wage – wedge issue management – increasing CO union power: “Educate the Idiots” campaign, Target: minorities, GED’s, drop-outs…

Minorities? Idiots? Really? C’mon CO Dems, tell us how you really feel.

And right below the racist insult we find that Mark Grueskin of Isaacson Rosenbaum Law is in charge of abusing the Colorado court system, or as the document puts it:

Legal maneuvering and navigation, distraction lawsuits against Gigi, Trailhead, etc…

I assume that “Gigi” is Colorado Secretary of State Gigi Dennis. I also assume that at least one of the “distraction lawsuits” brought by Mr. Grueskin was the one filed by voteraction.org to stop the use of touchscreen voting machines in the state. Of course the document could be refering to the lawsuit seeking to invalidate some new CO campaign finance rules. Or both.

“Trailhead” is a Republican Colorado 527 that was investigated for “recklessly and in conscious disregard, publishing or broadcasting falsehoods about a political candidate.” Which is apparently illegal in Colorado. Neither the group nor anyone in it was ever charged with anything.

Unless politicans and political candidates coordinating with 527s is against the law, (which would explain why they are labled as “covert”) this document doesn’t reveal that anything illegal is going on in Colorado. What it does reveal is that Democrats intentionally and with forethought are abusing the legal system to stifle the free speech of their opponents and that (at least these Democrats) are racist elites who hold many of their most loyal party members in utter contempt viewing them as “useful idiots”; good for a vote, but that’s about it.

But we already knew that.

Update(ish) 10/2/08 11:11am

Face the State is loading really slowly or not at all right now. This story must be getting a lot of play somewhere (or “covert operatives” are launching a DOS attack). Drudge linked to it last night, but that link is gone now.

I have my own, personal copy of the PDF I can link to if FtS doesn’t get its groove back soon.


NightTwister has another take on this in his diary. I hope this gets as much circulation as possible. It’s an important story that Conservatives must take very seriously.