McCain up by 1 at RCP; Update +3.2

or both?

The USA Today/Gallup poll that has him (them) up by ten helps a bit. Of course such an anomaly could be completely meaningless, but RCP states that the USAT/Gallup sample was of L(ikely)V(oters) so it should be more reliable than some of the other polls out there, however Gallup reportsthat the sample was “…1,022 adults, including 959 registered voters” and I’m not sure how those 63 adults who weren’t yet registered to vote quailfied as “likely voters.”

Polls should be illegal. They cause me too much anxiety. I’m popping on my peril-sensitive sunglasses until the election.Update: RCP has McCain +2.1.


11am PST, 9/8/08

Update: McCain mow up by 3.2

Obama has already dropped the “new kind of politics” facade. It should be interesting to see what kind of politician he becomes when he’s not on top. It will be interesting to see what his wife starts saying when America rejects her hubby.