No, WE wouldn't rather re-elect Obama.

The pro-Daniels crowd puts up a compromiser who tells us to put up the white flag–literally–on social issues, and they have the gall to say WE would rather re-elect Obama? They are the ones ensuring another 4 years of Obama, NOT US.

As if the $30-something billion dollars in cuts that Boehner compromised on didn’t leave a bad enough taste in our mouths, now we have to support as our standard bearer someone whose claim to fame is more of the same?

I want to keep what I earn; it’s my money, not the government’s.

I want the government to leave me alone, unless I am trying to murder innocent unborn children.

I want murderers to be executed promptly upon the conclusion of their due process.

I want child molesters to be mandated to take chemical or physical castration for the rest of their pathetic lives. I’ll have a heart and let them pick which form of castration.

I want the FairTax with a balanced budget / no income tax amendment so whenever any politican gets the bright idea to raise some more money so he can spend some more money, we will see it black on white on every price tag on every new product or service in America. Hidden taxes = higher taxes.

I want most of all a fighter–a no-nonsense, no-compromise conservative who will take it to Obama respectfully but HARD.

P.S.: Part of me hopes Daniels gets in to split some of the squish vote between him and Romney in the primaries.