If you can't stand the nominee in 2012, will you still vote Republican?

I understand this site’s policy is to vote conservative in the primaries and Republican in the general, and I wholeheartedly agree with that. My concern is that I see a lot of lip service to that from some folks on here, yet if you bring up potential Republican candidate X (or Y or Z) you start seeing flames shoot from your computer monitor from the vitriol worse than you’d ever see them talk about Obama.

Folks, we must work to make our party conservative or we are doomed. We are doomed if we go third party. We are doomed if we stay home on election day in 2012 because our guy didn’t get it. We are even doomed if we promote that view on this site, that somehow it is a wonderful thing to vote Republican in the general UNLESS IT’S ROMNEYHUCKABEEPALIN (etc, etc).

All you Romney haters: are you really going to send Obama to the White House for another 4 years through your slams on him all primary season and then tepid, non-financial “support” during what will definitely be a tough general election? All you Huckabee haters, same question. All you “too polarizing” anti-Palinistas, same question. All you closeted Paulistas, same question (by closeted I do not mean any gay references, I mean less than as vocal as you’d really like to be because of the understandable and correct policy of this site).

Before you say hell yes I will stay home if THAT guy/gal gets the nomination, ask yourself who the unborn children of America would vote for if they had a chance to even draw enough breath to see 18 years and a voting booth. Ask yourself who your grandchildren would vote for if they had a chance to live in a country that didn’t go bankrupt from spending and taxing like no tomorrow. Then after you’ve thought long and hard about that, I DARE you, no I TRIPLE dog dare you, to tell me “conservative in the primary and Republican in the general but not that hayseed from Arkansas hell no or that flip flopper from Massachusetts.”

I don’t like our choices as much as I wish I did, ladies and gentlemen, but start thanking whatever higher power you do or don’t believe in that you even have a choice.

Primary season is upon us. Don’t write anything that the opposition could use in the general. All of our candidates would do a fine job, especially compared to Obama. Don’t bad mouth your least favorites; exercise your keyboarding skills to make your case for who you LIKE.

When commenting, don’t forget to affirm that you are going to vote Republican no matter who we nominate–and none of this “hold my nose” stuff, either. Otherwise, I don’t think you’re really on the right team.