A Beginning ... broad strokes for the creation of a new political party

What follows is an attempt to get the ball rolling for a new political party that exists for promoting and protecting the rights and aspirations of its’ members and the citizens of the Nation at large, not to win for the sake of winning and hold power for the sake of holding power. Ultimately, we wish to have “chiseled into stone” principles that we all feel strongly about and can rally around. Please consider what follows as a work in progress and make suggestions freely. This would include additions, clarifications, alterations, substitutions, edits and the like. Please add the reasoning if appropriate.

So here goes …

The Standfast for Freedom Party

Founding Principles


  1. Interpretation of Laws – Laws shall be interpreted based on the meaning of words as commonly used at the time of the enactment of such laws.


  1. Right to Bear Arms – The Constitution protects the individual’s right to bear arms as understood at the time of the signing of the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. COMMENT: If there were any misunderstandings of the meaning of this Constitutional guarantee, it certainly would have come up in the first 100 years following the signing of the document.


  1. Immigration – While Congress is empowered with defining the terms of immigration and citizenship, it is the position of this Party that no citizenship will be extended to any who seek it while the national unemployment rate is at or more that 4 percent on average in the last 4 consecutive quarters of a year. Further, children born of non-citizens are not deemed to be citizens of the United States, but that of the mother of the born person (unless the father is demonstrated to be a U.S. citizen). Those applying for citizenship must demonstrate a proficient knowledge of the laws of our country, document full payment of taxes and non-violation of all federal and state laws (other than minor traffic violations, etc.) for a period of 5 years in order to be eligible to apply for citizenship.


  1. Religious Freedom – A person’s religious faith is a most precious right and is to be given great deference. A person may not be compelled to act in a manner contrary to his or her legitimately held religious beliefs, even if it could inconvenience another. This is not to be construed in any way as allowing for discrimination based on race, creed or color.


  1. National Debt – The National Debt shall never be allowed to exceed the cumulative annual income of all citizens of the United States. As this has already occurred, no new borrowing should occur and the indebtedness should be retired over a thirty year period. Should a declared war occur, borrowing would be allowed with 2/3rds majorities of the legislative bodies and the assent of the President. Continuing resolutions for government funding shall be prohibited and all taxation and borrowing legislation may not occur in lame duck sessions.


  1. Taxes – Individual Income taxes will be 10% irrespective of income with the first $5,000 of taxes collected in the year’s income to be credited to the individual’s social security account (Note: Social Security needs to be unwound and segue into an economically sound individually owned system). Corporate Income taxes shall likewise be 10% of corporate income and all money paid in salary to U.S. Citizens shall be deductible. Tariffs shall be set at 5% of suggested retail value of goods imported into the U.S., but that can be negotiated lower by signed legislation on a one-to-one basis with individual countries (for example, if we want to have our exports taxed going into China or Canada at 1%, then our rate would match theirs). Finally, a national sales tax of 5% would be levied (1 of that 5% would go to each state for their voluntary administration of collections). Exempted from this tax would be food, rent for primary housing and medical expenses. Finally, the death tax would be eliminated.


  1. Right to Life – Life begins at conception. COMMENT: While it is not likely that the U.S. Supreme Court is going to change its current position on the issue of abortion in the immediate future, it is clear under even its rulings that an unborn child can survive and thrive if removed from the womb in the third trimester. The grizzly practice of partial birth abortion should be BANNED period and not one dime of government money should be spent abetting this repugnant practice (or abortion at any point, for that matter). If it is constitutional for States to convict someone for murdering an unborn child during the course of a crime (such as murdering the mother), then it should be a right to define life by the State.


  1. Right of Free Speech – The power to tax is the power to destroy. The use of the internet is not something that government need profit from.


  1. Scope of Federal Power – Everything not specifically delegated by the Constitution to the federal government, nor prohibited by the Constitution to the states, is reserved to the states or to the people. COMMENT: Therefore, the Department of Education, the Department of Housing and Urban Affairs, the Department of Energy and others are to be eliminated. The individual States can handle public education within their borders quite nicely without Washington DC’s help, thank you very much. They also handle energy development and research regularly. All states have Departments of Environmental Quality and can handle matters within their jurisdictions without the federal government’s involvement.


  1. Provide for the Common Defense – This party stands for a government dedicated to the defense of its borders, trade and common defense of its citizens with a reluctance and skepticism of entanglements in foreign alliances. This means an eyes wide open view of the world, not a wishful thinking one. Let our country be the shining example to follow, rather than trying to impose our visions on others. Nonetheless, being prepared for realistic future threats to our country is also required.