To win, know your self but more importantly know your enemy – Individualism vs. Collectivism

This Individualism dates back some four hundred years when did not take long to realize the need for some social changes here. Transplanted from socialist Europe many figured the same rules applied here in a new land of opportunity. Some of the first socialist experiments went horribly wrong as individuals were expected to give and receive to the common store, indentured servitude to the government or from each according to his ability, to each according to his need. When this societal changed to individual responsibility, especially the responsibility of individual ownership, the starving colonists quickly became a thriving community of individuals. Colonists promptly developed the exceptional personality and characteristic of our foundation, an innate propensity of self worth coupled with the desire of innovation and motivation. To the north, it was declared in written law that such liberty, civility and new found freedom is due to every man in his place and proportion. This is without impeachment and infringement, ever been, and ever will be the tranquility and stability of the new found State, Churches and Commonwealths. We made this ideology more official many years later on with our Declaration of Independence. It became necessary to dissolve these political bands of Europe because of the oppressions imposed by the dictatorship of rights and pledged our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor to a new direction. Each individual owns their Rights, these are God given rights that are unalienable, and we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights. In Collectivism these Rights come from the government, the government owns these Rights and not the Individual and you must always assert this exceptional distinction.

There were two distinct revolutions of the time, the American Revolution and the French Revolution. The American Revolution gave birth to the greatest nation in the world of individual opportunity that eliminated classes. This new uniquely United States government depended on a small central government for protection from other nations but protected our individual opportunity, this being the ladder of success and most importantly protected our individual conscience. Yes, we had some growing pains shedding our European thoughts of slavery to crony capitalism but we always corrected our selves because we had the opportunity to do so. There are those that highlight our past mistakes giving way to the propaganda that one bad apple spoils the bunch or that we must throw out the baby with the bathwater. There are those that try to phrase all this as rugged individualism to mock and ridicule our individualism. We can all agree this is wrong because those that demonize our past want the same thing we declared independence from, Collectivism that leads to the loss of freedom that takes away our ladder of success. Regrettably, some have lost sight of what we declared independence from, as we did not have a French Revolution but a United States Revolution. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson visited Revolutionary France as diplomats to share the ideals of freedom and liberty sought by the new United States. Despite this fostering of a new nation, the French could not overcome obvious differences, as the French Revolution was a bloody overthrow its own tyrannical class government and the structure of the tyrannical class government remained. The American Revolution resulted in a newly independent limited government that eliminated class warfare with individualism. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels may be the most well known to draw a significant difference between the French Revolution and the United States Revolution. They denounced the United States Revolution and praised the French Revolution using this as a major influence on the development of Socialism, Communism and major contributor to Marxism. As we should all know the failures of Communism, Socialism, Marxism, the loss of liberty, the hundreds of millions of lives lost to this failed direction, and if you don’t know about these things like “The Great Leap Forward” then shame on you.

There is a vast amount of information that is available on this collectivism vs. individualism, here you must know how to attack the Karl Marx Quote “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” There are different meanings to this depending on belief, Socialists, Marxists, Progressive or Anarchists but they all share the same take from who has earned it and give to those who did not. From Hayek to Rand you have an overwhelming arsenal against collectivism or anti- individualism. Some of you may already know this topic but some are as guilty as those who do not if you do not fight. All of us and especially the Republican Party need to articulate Conservative principals all the time to win, not only come election time but also all the time. There should be no doubt that if Romney and the Republican Party had done this better he would have won the election. Most everyone has seen or heard something on how Obama bought this election, here I am saying the opposite, too few fought with our strongest resources, our principals and one of the biggest is our principals of individualism. On the right we have a huge problem with “me-to-ism” or as it is know today RINO, thus it is not only a fight against the left but also an education problem on the right to think of. (Personally, I found the slap up side the head or a boot helps the education but do so at your own risk) It is not that hard to say don’t take candy from a stranger however, if you are trying to defend the Party guilty of handing out the candy it is useless.

From this, you need to know the warning of a collectivist, they use wording such as – fair share, economic justice, social justice and so on. There is also a long list of wording that you would not normally think of but must question such as – people’s right to self-determination, equal rights, the demand of a healthy middle class, a heavy progressive or graduated income tax, Centralisation of credit, Centralisation of communication and transport and so on. All of this wording you would not normally think is also found in the 25-point Programme of the Nazi Party or the Communist Manifesto, check it out and see for your self. There is often the use of a crisis to advance the collectivist / totalitarian agenda, a fiscal cliff, the middle class crisis and the diatribe racist comments. Look and listen carefully, do not follow other in some conspiracy theory or dismiss these warning as some conspiracy theory, you need to be an individual and research these things on your own. You must not only expose collectivism wherever it may be hiding but also provided an alternative in detail that is clear and articulate in how this affects each individual.