Dear Moonbat campaign

For your liberal friends and associates, copy, print, share or drop this note on them anonymously from now until election, or compose your own short leftist argument…
We need to change direction, the debt was bad under Bush and what we have now is more then twice as bad. The Bush bailout under Bush was bad, it was for the white collar bankers, exploitation of the working class and Obama doubled down on these bad policies devastating blue collar workers. Energy subsidies were bad under Bush but Obama spent over a hundred years worth on failed corporations like Solyndra and others. Under Obama the United States in the first time in history has suffered its first credit downgrade, Bush wasn’t this bad. This is the first time in history we have seen a downward trend in the growth of US labor force like this since the 1950, we lost about 8 million in this. With unemployment averaging around 9% and higher for the past four years, 21% not in the work force, over 46,700,000 on food stamps, 4,300,000 on welfare, 5,600,000 on unemployment insurance, median household’s net worth dropped 28% in less then four years, energy costs more then doubled in the past four years and so on. We have had the first US ambassador killed in the line of duty since 1988, a shameful foreign policy failure and debacle, and more. Obama is big government, now a capitalistic monster that consumes the national wealth, that will beg, borrow and steal to feed its self and spreads around what ever may come out the other end. Romney thinks if we keep more of our wealth, we can do a better job then sprinkle down unfair government and according to the most recent polls, most agree with Romney. You may be against the “elite” as in exploitive of the middle class but to be exploitive you need power and the most powerful means is big government, the middle class can do better then feeding on what ever comes out the other end of elitist big government. How could you in good conscience vote for Obama/Bush